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zonealarm, Zonealarm No 1 Best App

Zonealarm Zonal mobile security is the ultimate antivirus security solution for your mobile device. Developed by Cyber ​​Security Leader Checkpoints, it uses enterprise-grade technology to protect your data and privacy and keep your device free from malicious threats, apps and malware.
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Why the John Alarm Mobile Security and Antivirus Protection App?

Mobile attacks are a major threat that affects thousands of people every day The John Alarm Mobile Security Checkpoint protects your mobile device from the latest, most sophisticated types of mobile attacks using state-of-the-art and sophisticated technology. Zonealarm

Turn off public Wi-Fi in an airport, hotel or worry-free public place.
You’re a “privacy-first” approach – we make sure you’re not being ridiculed by a third party.
Online shopping or banking? Our zero-fishing feature ensures that your credentials are not exposed or stolen by hackers.

Download RowBrowse web and app without any worries All apps and URLs are checked in real-time
Rotate your device from malicious applications with a USB or Bluetooth connection.

See Blackmailer with ZoneArm’s anti-ransomware security
Get a detailed weekly report to see all the dangers from the previous week and how John Alarm helped keep your device safe.

How can we protect you? Zonealarm

Mobile Alarm and Anti-Virus Security Defense: Zone Alarm is built on three lines of app, network and operating system.

First Line Defense: App Security

NtAntivirus Protection – Scans and alerts on malicious applications in real time using the advanced antivirus mobile security features for your phone or tablet.
Behavioral Inter-Renewal – Uses behavioral algorithms and artificial intelligence to prevent costly Renewal attacks.
Ero Zero-Day App Protection – When you are using or not using our app, our machine-learning engine protects you from new and unknown malware.
Bluetooth-enabled Bluetooth and USB security – A state-of-the-art Bluetooth feature that protects against malicious apps coming from USB and Bluetooth connections. Zonealarm

Second Line of Defense: Network

Ero Zero-Fishing – Real-time protection from phishing attacks and fraud on all apps: banking, email, messaging and social.
MalSafe Browsing – Disables browser access to malicious sites set up to steal your information.
Wi-Fi network security – Identifies malicious network behavior and listening (man-in-the-middle attack).
Plant-bot – data block of photos, documents, certificates, etc. Theft and dispatch of equipment

Third row defense: operating system

Avdevis Shield – Uses real-time risk assessment by identifying attacks, vulnerabilities, configuration changes, and improved routing.
If someone has taken control of your operating system, the ReBreak Alert – Behavior Recognition Engine alerts you.

Your experience is our priority:
✔ 100% Privacy – We do not collect or share your personal information
विज्ञापन No ads – our app is free of problems You will not see ads even during your test
. Reduced Equipment Sources – Minimum Impact on Battery Life
✔ Interactive User Interface – Our app is easy, fast and easy to use.


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