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zombie infection java apk Investment is unlimited

Someone was trying to find relief for the corpse …
But something went wrong
And now they are ultra-zombie!
Few of them survive …
And they are our only hope!

Remove various characters and protect Zombies from zombie attacks
Your brain is in danger and it won’t be so easy to survive!
Use each weapon to kill the ultra-jumbo

This water gun can also be used to counter this attack! zombie infection java apk

  • X-Guy in Xomil is a big mystery
  • Like any zombie, zombies love to eat their brains
  • Wolfgang behaves like a dog and is preoccupied with it
    Eat jam bones
  • Jaim is monopolistic and you can’t trust him …
  • These teeth are amazingly strong!
  • Blue Blood has a passion for transparency
  • The brain is more than three thousand years old
  • Reboli would have been destroyed by lightning !!!!
  • Rocky especially loves music, rock roles


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