y8 football league sports game mod apk


y8 football league sports game :

The most popular football game in the world is now available for Android. Football Legends 2016 allows you to compete with mobile players around the world who want to see a game that is fun to play on their mobile device from hard mobile football fans.

Unlock new capabilities!

This is not your usual thing and football game shoot takes the word football legends to another meaning, which gives your player the ability to use them to fight various attacks and specialties. Want to use an angry fist to dazzle your opponent? Go ahead, we encourage it! You have a choice of 8 different abilities so choose wisely and make sure to allocate time to your abilities!

20 different teams

To show that your favorite team is the best and have 8 different special abilities if they don’t agree, keep in mind that you can play for more than 20 different football teams around the world.

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