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www qooh me instagram It’s time to dump her and move on. Download ASKfm and now ask your first question! Share your answers publicly or unknowingly, meet new people and be social.

Download ASKfm now and be a part of a social community that revolves around questions and answers. You can share your thoughts or your art, ask questions, meet new people and connect with your new friends from different parts of the world. www qooh me instagram

Ask and answer open-ended questions or open questions, questions from your friends, classmates or loved ones. Immerse yourself in the ASKfm social platform with unlimited social communities and questions and the world.

What’s hidden in the secret ASKfm app? www qooh me instagram

This is very clear: questions and answers! Ask questions or openly ask, more than 40 million people around the world are waiting for your questions and answers. Find your cross profile? Hide behind an onymous horse mask with just one swipe, ask something and be ready to hear honest answers.

Ask screaming people and make friends with strangers nearby Answer questions from your friends, classmates or strangers Are you sure you want to be honest and ready to share your answers? Enhance your profile by adding photos, videos, or GIFs to your answer. Be more creative and more social! You are more creative than you think!

How to be an effective AS ASKfm? www qooh me instagram
Ask and answer questions, ask me (Amma), be more active and friendly, collect more coins! You will be on our weekly leaderboard list at any time of the week!

How to find friends? How to follow? How to get followers?
To follow friends, click on the “Friends” tab in the top row, then click on the “Social” tab. There, you will be able to connect to your social media account Once this is done, we will advise new people to follow you

How to ask questions?
To ask a question, click the “Plus” icon in the upper right corner. You will see a dropdown where you can choose to ask someone an unknown or open question, create a funny photo poll or ask people around you through a tout.

The question is how do you ask people around you? What’s the shout?
You can ask people around you one question at a time using our shutdown option. It is located under a plus icon in the upper right corner Click Scream and ask the group questions people openly or anonymously

How do followers get followers and likes? www qooh me instagram
If you share them on your social media account, you are more likely to get the first followers and likes in your post. You can share your post after answering a question You can also share posts from other users

What is ASKfm currency?
Coins are ASKfm in-app coins that are designed to spice things up for you! You can earn money by answering questions or when your followers can get the best answer. But don’t be greedy and always leave your friends and followers! Check out who earns the most money and who challenges your friends in the weekly currency race. Let’s see who makes more money!

What can you do as a VIP member?
Join our VIP program to get backgrounds, promotions and more like our special features … Make sure the answer to your question is not just interesting? Set pricing with premium b feature courtesy Get secret answers and coins every time you want to know the truth about yourself! Write to our team to learn more about the VIP program

Still, are there any doubts? Do you like it or not? Check the Vers tab and put your voice in the best possible way or make your own photo to listen to the opinions of others.

Ask, answer, chat and search with your new classmates, loved ones, or your Q&A social network ASKfm. You can sign in via email, Facebook or Vkontakte


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