Wordproject telugu bible No 1 Best App


wordproject telugu bible, Wordproject telugu bible No 1 Best App


Wordproject telugu bible Note: This APP provides streaming audio directly from our server If you ever experience audio streaming or download interruptions, please try again later or on another day. Although it should be rare, it is possible that the server may be maintained and offline for some time. Always try again Thank you.
Note: Please update the new version (4), the old language link is no longer supported.

  • Completely free and without advertising
  • Very fast and easy to navigate
  • Audio can be downloaded for all chapters and played “offline”
  • Included in the Bible
  • Stream of verses selected by topic – including its audio

[This is a new version of the WordProject app – now available with continuous play – i.e. chapters play continuously on a playlist – turn your device into a clear audio player.] Wordproject telugu bible

Now you can read and listen to the Bible through this extensive application brought together by Constantinoso Bezanis and the WordPress team on your mobile device.

The application of the Holy Bible (text and audio) is no less than 36 of the world’s most widely spoken languages: Chinese, Hindi, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, Swahili. , Vietnamese, Amharic, Thai, Persian, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Serbian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Somali, Luganda, Burgess. This application presents dramatic details, not audio stories Portuguese statement in European Portugal. Wordproject telugu bible

The application comes with the default in English and all other languages ​​are easily and automatically installed with one click as per the needs of the users. Downloading text in any language takes 30 seconds or less and installs automatically, you just have to connect via Wi-Fi or data. Audio chapters can be streamed, and can be downloaded to your device for offline use when connected to Wi-Fi or data, or anytime, anywhere.

Audio Download is a book made available by the book, which means that if you have limited space, you can download a book (i.e. a book), use it for a while, and then install it and download a new one. Of the 36 languages ​​available with both text and audio, any one has been made If you have a lot of space on your device, you can download the entire audio Bible – if you want. Wordproject telugu bible

To make the audio playback option more effective, please note that you should set the game continuously (on the settings page), and we recommend that you enable the ‘Screen On’ option. On many devices, the screen must always be on for the continuous audio play to work. In that case, we also recommend that you use the level of brightness available on the same page, so that brightness can be adjusted to the minimum.

This way you can enjoy listening to the Bible for hours and keeping your battery. If you put your device in a power outlet, you can hear the Bible all day long …

The purpose of this application is to make wards available to more and more people, so new languages ​​may be available in future editions.


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