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Wonlog Tracker is a great work platform for WhatsApp that anyone can follow.
Application usage

The online tracker for the WhatsApp app is the easiest but powerful application / device usage management application to use.

You can keep track of all your installed application usage details using the Application Usage Monitor. The online tracker uses your daily nicknames app and shows you your last online time for the hatson app. It also tells you how long you use your application


Try using the WhatsApp app Now use this app and use other installed applications of your phone.
What is online monitoring is the free application usage tracking number to find out the time using each application installed on your device.

Trackers are also used as an over-the-counter reminder for your application You can set your timer to use your application It will remind you when you spend a long time on your phone or application and when you exceed your timer limit.

You can select the list of applications you want from the installed applications.
Keep a record There is no restriction on the number of applications to be followed


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