Wild lion simulator 3d No 1 Best App


wild lion simulator 3d, Wild lion simulator 3d No 1 Best App


Wild lion simulator 3d Have you ever wondered what a wild leopard is? Now finally there is a chance to know that feeling! Join the battle in this super epic du venture adventure adventure distributed in stunning 3D. Be a wild leopard and live in the forest for as long as you can Start your own family of leopards, fight with terrible animals like lions, crocodiles and donkeys. Be a strong leopard to develop your leopard

Features Features: Wild lion simulator 3d

The real simulator
Maintain your health and energy by eating and drinking water, grow your family, explore the wider world, and become more powerful to fight with other animals.

Enter your family
Wild Cheetah Sim has the potential to be a real family Family members are not only good comrades, but they can be trained to fight in war. Wild lion simulator 3d

Real day and night
The Wild Cheetah Sim has a 24-hour time-based real-time game cycle The game is played every 24 minutes, with a full 24-hour cycle day and night

The game has a system success Unlock success by hunting specific animals and discover amazing facts about leopards.

Additional features: Wild lion simulator 3d

  • RPG style gameplay: level up, development, complete exploration
  • Various view options for leopards
  • Information tab on the playlist to see the characteristics of the animal
  • Rotating camera, zoom in and out
  • Realistic environment, big world
  • Many real animals to hunt
  • Quest system, to complete 20 missions
  • Amazing 3D graphics

Fun to play Wild Cheetah Sim!

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