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Wifi tester apk Why me
Compared to other testers, I have two special skills

  1. I can run Android 4.x on non-rooted devices
  2. I support not only wps but also passwords in some cases

What is WPS?
Router has a function called WPS If its WiFi is open with WPS, we can call this WiFi ‘WPS WiFi’. Like a password, WPS can be accessed using 8 digits of WiFi PIN which is usually fixed. Such as 12345678. People can use the PIN to connect to WPS WiFi and ignore a password change to a password. Wifi tester apk

The Wi-Fi WPS test is a utility that helps you identify potential Wi-Fi hazards, password hazards and WPS hazards. Shipped with more than 30 pins algorithms and 50,000 known pins, Wi-Fi WPS testing helps you identify potential WPS hazards. And with millions of hotspots, Wi-Fi WPS testers can look for potential passwords.

We do not store your primary key or share it with other users. But if your WPS Wi-Fi can be connected without manual input, it suggests that you switch the key to something more complex or turn off the WPS.

How to use
When you open the app, you will always see 4 colors in the Wi-Fi list
Green – WiFi is attacked by your device
Red – which can contain a dangerous password, which means you need to change your password now. Wifi tester apk

Yellow – If wps is in danger, just turn off WPS
Black – WiFi WPS testers believe it is a safe WiFi

You can experiment with the following steps

  1. Click on the WiFi item and enter the details page
  2. On the details page, we can click on the ‘All Attempts’ button to try all unused pins and passwords. Be patient, it may take a few minutes
  3. We can click on an item on the details page The WiFi WPS tester will only test it and return the results as soon as possible
  4. For PIN, we can click on plus sign to test your custom PIN
  5. If it fails to connect, an image error will appear on the right side of the item. Click on the image to see the details

Welcome to try!


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