Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 Official (Updated)


People who love to chat via WhatsApp somehow have become bored of its default theme. Thus, they search for options apps. While there are other applications that we may switch to, such as Telegram, LINE, or Facebook Messenger, we might want to adhere to an alternative version like WhatsApp PLUS Holo.

, Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 Official (Updated)
whatsapp plus holo latest version

This article will review WhatsApp PLUS Holo, its difference from the original version, and whence to download its most recent release from apkandapk.

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK

The Plus variant of WhatsApp expanded its features, allowing us to change its colors, apply varying themes, and get rid of size limitations when sending files. Through downloading the APK of WhatsApp PLUS Holo, you could access the equivalent features, but with a Holo interface. Following are some of its characteristics:

  • Customization – You can completely modify the app interface through different choices. It will look completely different and make it more fun. Isn’t that cool?
  • Different themes – Various exciting topics are available in this application. You can easily change your app’s thesis according to your mood.
  • Distribute large media – On this version, exclusion of the file transfer limit. Now, you can easily share large audio and video files with this application.
  • Original quality – You do not have to compromise the quality of photos that you share on WhatsApp. With the Holo version, you can easily send and receive pictures in their original condition.
  • New emojis – You are able to make your conversations more expressive through this app version. There are several new emojis that have been added to it, which you can use all your messages.
  • Change fonts – The size of fonts is also reversible, depending on your needs. Bigger fonts are useful for aging.

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK File Info:

App NameWhatsApp Holo
Size7.20 MB
RequirementAndroid 2.1 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

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To download the current version, follow the instructions below. Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. It is suggested to close other applications while downloading.

  • Step1: Explore WhatsApp Plus Holo APK in Google, then download it on your device.
  • Step2: Lift the APK file into your SD Card, where you can get it quickly.
  • Step3: Now install a file manager that you like.
  • Step4: Open each folder where you placed the APK file and tap on that.
  • Step5: Tap OK on the pop-up.
  • Step6: Now, tap on install. Wait for some seconds until installation is complete.

You have just successfully established WhatsApp Plus Holo APK on your device. You may now enjoy talking on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Plus Holo Update

With a favorite instant messaging app, a new look is fascinating. Since WhatsApp Plus is customizable, you can alter its themes by lots of colors, sizes, shapes, among others. Such visual change breaks some monotonous aspects of your smartphone. Here is a quick glimpse at what you can get from this recent update.

  • I have added a quick model share option on chat screen like using your favorite image or emojis in the WhatsApp Plus Image folder.
  • Add the Hide image icon.
  • Added Image Key Color.
  • Max value of 30MB (from the previous 16MB) as higher volumes are blocked on WhatsApp servers.
  • Update Italian, Dutch, and Brazilian dialects.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes. 


How do I download WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

Step1: Search WhatsApp Plus Holo APK in the search engine, then download it on your device.
Step2: Copy the APK file in your SD card where you can find it easily.
Step3: Now install a data manager that you like.
Step4: Open the folder where you put the APK file and tap on it.
Step5: Tap OK on the button
Step6: Now, tap on install. Wait for few seconds until installation is finished.

How do I install WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

To install WhatsApp PLUS Holo, you must first install the official variant. Then, download the APK file and extract it through APK downloader similar to AndroidZip. This allows you to change your appearance and experience a new look. You must activate the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Application so that the app can install via APK files.

What is the most recent version of WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

The most recent variant of WhatsApp PLUS Holo is version 3.17. You will not get WhatsApp PLUS Holo on Google Play Store because it is outlawed like all other versions of WhatsApp PLUS. Fortunately, you can download it from www.apkandapk or on the link above.


We have given you with the necessary details about WhatsApp PLUS Holo. We hope you all enjoy chatting using this app. For recent updates on the various applications, always visit apkandapk . You may also leave a remark if you have any queries about this topic.   

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