Download Whatsapp Indigo APK v5.60 Official 2022 (Updated)


Whatsapp Indigo for Android is a MOD of the celebrated talk and sending short message application with which we can add new capacities and showcase to the first customer. WhatsApp MODs have gotten extremely popular for adding capabilities that the messaging app hasn’t thought of presenting at the same pace as the requests made by its clients.

That is why several individuals consider them fascinating instruments to redo this talk application. To get a more profound exploration of this exciting WhatsApp mod, apkandapk has produced the WhatsApp Indigo latest Version 5.60 free download and installation amendment.

, Download Whatsapp Indigo APK v5.60 Official 2022 (Updated)
WhatsApp Indigo APK

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WhatsApp Indigo APK 

Whatsapp Indigo is the most astonishing and the phenomenal altered version of the great Whatsapp. Having different highlights like different Whatsapp mod Apk.

The Whatsapp Indigo gives its client the platform of hiding their name, date alongside covering up of the field visits. need to the composing, recording, blue ticks, and typical ticks highlight is additionally current. 

The nature of the photos kept up, and clients can post a record of size 72 MB effectively to their contacts without damaging the quality of the document. An alternate route of the visit also made in Whatsapp Indigo. These highlights are, for the most part, misplaced in unique Whatsapp. 

Tucked away including GBWhatsAppWhatsApp Plus, and YOWhatsApp, WhatsApp Indigo, to create with us in similar provision yet different modes Indigo shade of their touch that we can locate. Regardless, however, we examine our activities: 

  • Created on the official WhatsApp courier APK
  • Chances to plan an application with our issues. 
  • More types of emoticons. 
  • Neil components, for example, symbols or to optimize illusion to convey status. 
  • Have more options with regards to having the chance to freeze the last time the chat goes to privacy control 

The only significant downside notwithstanding, download the APK is regarding the MoD and attempt to install it. You will have a completely competent, as it is never again a system. Afterward, refreshing updates precise request depends on the first WhatsApp to move up to another performance; you’ll constrain. 

Main Features of WA Indigo

Discovering the highlights of this mod will make you describe why this stuns many users. Below are just the main attribute you must know about WhatsApp Indigo:

  • Set Doodle Images 
  • Shroud Online standing
  • You can conceal blue ticks from your contacts
  • Cover up Archived communications for security purposes
  • Send HD videos and images
  • Forward messages to further than five individuals
  • Invite people through the links to join groups 
  • Dispatch documents that are more than 72MB. 
  • Clear all the as of sluggish utilized Emojis 
  • You can tweak your WhatsApp with various topics
  • Alter WhatsApp with your subjects
  • Indicate 300 people in a group. 
  • Include 300 people in a single B
  • broadcast. 
  • Copy the status of others 
  • Make standing of up to 256 characters
  • Share a media document of up to 1GB
  • Replace header name with your name
  • Expel schedule and name while copying two messages simultaneously 
  • Shroud call button 
  • Optimize plan

What’s New?

Aside from enjoying its features, WhatsApp Indigo has new high point that you will indulge upon using the amazing WhatsApp MoD. beneath are the improvements you might not want to miss:

  • Fixed online tribute bug 
  • Optimized speed
  • Added a GIF sharing
  • In multicast and now can as well count the group
  • Optimized speed of sending messages
  • Added custom privacy
  • Recently developed media MoDs
  • Fixed the minor bugs

WhatsApp Indigo APK File Info:

App NameWhatsApp Indigo
Size31.6 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3
Last Update1 day ago

How To Download And Install?

Open the official WhatsApp or other latest. Go to the Settings>Chats>click the button to support your files. The backup process will take two to three minutes. Delete the official WhatsApp app on your mobile phone and compute this updated WhatsApp Indigo by clicking the download button on this sheet.

As you finish downloading the mod, proceed to the installation procedure by simply following the procedures given and inclined with the download link. After that, you can restore your previous conversations. The restoration will claim four to five minutes, and you can finally enjoy using the latest version of WhatsApp Indigo.

Upon knowing this exciting WhatsApp mod, take time to interpret some of the details that you must learn about WhatsApp cool. These facts are for your better guidance on how you can be in charge and choose the mod that you want to install on your gadget.

Benefits of WhatsApp Mod Apk

  • You can hide your status from the particular contacts where you don’t require them to watch your status. 
  • Conceal online status. 
  • Forward and share texts of more than five individuals. 
  • Send HD images and videos. 
  • Put an auto-answer choice when you are occupied. 
  • Send files with the size of up to 100MB. 
  • Add 256 people to the WhatsApp Group. 
  • Get anti-boycott highlights and modded additional elaborate highlights. 
  • Make a video call to multiple individuals through groups. 
  • The customer can enable or disable gray/blue ticks and double-fold the click every time. 
  • Allow someone to send documents up to 30MB. 
  • Make great stories. 
  • Program WhatsApp messages at whatever point you need. 
  • Download WhatsApp Watusi to obtain premium highlights of WhatsApp. 
  • You can obstruct any contact, and you will conceal those blocked contacts. 
  • Put in-fabricated lock where you exclude have to install additional lock apps.

Risks of Using Modded WhatsApp Apk

  • Unsecured Chats: Messaging and chatting using the WhatsApp Mod apps isn’t that much secure when compared with the original form. WhatsApp messages put away on WhatsApp host while you can’t get a 100% assurance if your messages are not undergoing outsider servers. 
  • Google Play Store updates are not accessible: trusted developers do not create WhatsApp Mods. Those evolve by outsider designers where you can get them on Google Play Store, so you are not able to get updates of those WhatsApp Mods. 
  • Prohibited anytime: These modded WhatsApp applications are ignoring the terms and conditions of the first WhatsApp so that you might get banned whenever. 
  • May incorporate Ads: WhatsApp Mod Apks made by the outsider producers where they can put disturbing Ads while utilizing the WhatsApp. 
  • Conceivably Harzadous: According to BGR, the ‘WhatsApp Plus’ application contains links to obscure websites, demonstrating that the application is speaking with outsider servers. Ensure safety while utilizing these modded WhatsApp.

Who Should settle on WhatsApp Mod Applications 

Irrespective of the considerable number of highlights and capacities recorded above, you might even now be pondering who might need to utilize WhatsApp cool and why you would experience the difficulty of installing it and supporting up your messages, and so forth. 

In truth, the mods are not for everybody, and a few people will be more than glad to only use the authority WhatsApp variant. In any case, in case you’re going behind and forth, here are a few reasons why you may be careful about utilizing a WhatsApp mod.

Individuals with multiple accounts 

Envision your own a work phone and an individual phone, and you use WhatsApp on a pair of gadgets for any separate reasons. However, rather than overseeing and concerned for two devices, WhatsApp mod APK documents permit you to join the pair so you just need one device. 

Those who want the best participation

In case you’re the kind of individual who wants to change their telephone, so it mirrors their character and the styles and formations you love, there’s no uncertainty a WhatsApp mod is what you’re looking for. With such a large number of mods offering such an important amount of subjects and structures, you’ll ruin for decision with what your implementation resembles. 

Has a low-performance devices 

In case you’re running WhatsApp on an added established gadget, or one that necessarily doesn’t have a great portion of memory or RAM, you’ll notice the application can destroy your device power. Notwithstanding, utilizing a mod method, you can appreciate every single of the advantages of WhatsApp without it pounding your gadget to a halt. 

Individuals Who Want More Functionality 

There’s no precluding the number from claiming focus on and capacities a WhatsApp mod download can bring to your gadget. In any case of whether you’re hoping to sidestep the authority WhatsApp limits, for instance, picture sharing and sizes of files, or you simply need more power above your protection settings, there’s a WhatsApp mod out there for you. 

Who Adore Their Security 

Security is fundamental in the advanced age, particularly moreover you’re a parent managing private messages you don’t need any other individual to see, or a specialist working with delicate information you would choose not to open up to the world. If so, utilizing a WhatsApp cool can assist you with ensuring and securing your data.


????How do I download WhatsApp Indigo?

Access the official WhatsApp or other mod. Go to the Settings> Talk>click the button to backup your files. The backup process will hold for two to three minutes. Uninstall the official WhatsApp app on your wireless phone and download this updated WhatsApp Indigo by clicking the download tab on this page. As you finish downloading the mod, begin to the installation process by simply following the procedures given and disposed of with the download button. After that, you can restore your previous communications. The restoration will take four to five minutes, and you can eventually enjoy using the updated version of WhatsApp Indigo.

????How do I install WhatsApp Indigo?

As you finish downloading the mod, proceed to the installation process by just following the procedures given and inclined with the download tub. After that, you can restore your previous conversations. The restoration will wait for four to five minutes, and you can finally enjoy using the latest version of WhatsApp Indigo.

????How do I update WhatsApp Indigo?

To acquire the updated version of WhatsApp Indigo, follow the download and fixing procedures above


WhatsApp Indigo, the name itself, portrays that this WhatsApp is fundamentally for the application customization darlings. The person who consistently need to change topics of their WhatsApp as frequently as possible then this mod is for you.

This WA Indigo go along with the various bubbles, and symbols with the shades of Cyan, Gray, Crayon, Rose colored, 3D, and smoke. It is, for the most part, for customers to make progressively alluring and shocking things to connect with the customers. 

WhatsApp Indigo is, for the most part, helpful for the people who consistently need an alternate look of their WhatsApp accounts contrasted with others. Also, you can change WhatsApp theme hues like Cyan, Gray, Crayon, Pink, 3 Dimension form, and smoke. More potential outcomes with regards to dealing with your protection giving the option to freeze the last observed time in your chats.
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