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whatsapp app download uptodown, Whatsapp app download uptodown No 1 Best App

Whatsapp app download uptodown Who is the Apk Installer?

APK Installer is a free tool that allows you to install the Android app that uses a format that is not detected by the default package installer included in the operating system. It uses standard XAPK packaging to support the new APK distribution system used by Google for the so-called APP partition. Whatsapp app download uptodown

This app works in both ways which allows you to backup your installed apps and install personal copies on your smartphone regardless of the packaging format.

What features does the APK installer include?

Yours automatically searches and copies all applications installed on your Android. Whatsapp app download uptodown

Install any APK or XAPK in your smartphone’s memory You can forget about its internal structure – find, install and go!

Browse the folders of your smartphone using an integrated file browser.

Why do you need an APK installer? Whatsapp app download uptodown

Ways to install and download applications have evolved over time Some time ago, it involved installing an app using an external APK, just click on it and let the package installer work as a default included on your Android. This was true until other standards came in that added complexity to the process

. Complex things change when you install these applications by installing these additional files separately in specific folders on the device. Therefore, the most convenient solution is to load the APK and OBB data into one file and install it with an external device. Thus, the standard XAPK was born. Whatsapp app download uptodown

Later, Google began using a dynamic distribution system, the so-called Android app bundle. When a developer publishes an app on Google Play, it is “split” into many pieces called APKs. Since that day, many apps have included an APK base and others including information about the language of the app, supported screen resolution and required CPU architecture. So, when a user downloads an app in question, they only install the “pieces” that are required for the app to work properly on their device, with both bandwidth and cost savings for both parties, consumers and distribution platforms.

The main purpose of the APK installer is that you continue to install the Android app manually without having to do a thorough search on the file format and destination folder. When creating a backup, the app packs all these files (apk + split-apk + obb if any) into one XAPK file. So, when you install your own personal copy of the app, you just have to find a file and install it without worrying about the format and values.

Supported file formats: apk, xapk, obb, apkm.


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