what is fixed dialing numbers pin2


What is a PIN2 code? 

How do you get a PIN2 code?

The PIN2 code is a four- to eight-digit password that you use when using user certificates, asking for them, or doing things like resetting your total call charges. When you turn off aeroplane mode on some smartphone models, you will be asked for a PIN code.

What is the default FDN PIN2? 

How do you get a PIN2 code?

The PIN2 code is already set to 6666. You can protect certain things on your SIM card with PIN2 codes. It’s not the same as a normal PIN. If you lock your PIN2 by mistake, please talk to an agent here.

what is fixed dialing numbers pin2, what is fixed dialing numbers pin2
what is fixed dialing numbers pin2

How do I disable FDN? 

What’s a PIN2 code?

Try going to your main menu and tapping Settings.

From here, you can go to your Call Settings, where there should be an option to disable.

What is a PIN2 code? – Related Questions

The SIM card in a GSM cell phone has a service mode called Fixed Dialing Number (FDN). Numbers are added to the FDN list, and when FDN is turned on, only those numbers or numbers with certain prefixes can make outgoing calls. One important exception is that calls to 000, 112, 911, 999, and other emergency numbers are not charged.

What does it mean for calls to be restricted by FDN?

Fixed Dialing Number, or FDN, is a feature that lets users send calls and messages only to certain phone numbers. If restarting the device doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need a new SIM card. You can get one for free at a corporate store or by getting in touch with us.

How do I change my call settings?

You can change your Call settings in the web app by clicking on the settings icon in the bottom left corner and then clicking on My settings. Under “My settings” in the Android and iPhone apps, you can find the Call settings (far right option in bottom menu). You will end up seeing this.

What is FDN in Samsung mobile?

When fixed dialling is on, you can only call certain numbers or call for help in an emergency. There is no change to calls that come in.

How do I get rid of Nokia fixed dial?

1. Find “Fixed dialling numbers”

  1. Press the phone icon.
  2. Press the menu icon.
  3. Press Settings.
  4. Press Calls.
  5. Press Fixed dialling numbers.
  6. Press Enable FDN to turn on fixed dialling.
  7. Key in your PIN2 and press OK.
  8. Press Disable FDN to turn off fixed dialling.

What is fixed dial only?

FDN (Fixed Dialling Number) or FDM (Fixed Dialling Mode) is a service mode of a GSM phone’s Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card that lets the phone be “locked” so that it can only dial certain numbers or numbers with certain prefixes. FDN service does not affect calls that come in.

How do I change my fixed dial number only?

Find ” Fixed Dialing Numbers”

  1. Press Applications.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press Call settings.
  4. Press Fixed Dialing Numbers.
  5. Press Enable FDN or Disable FDN (depending on the current setting).
  6. Key in the PIN2 and press OK.
  7. Press the Home key to return to standby mode.

What is a fixed number?

The term “Fixed Number” refers to a PSTN, ISDN, or IP Telephony Service number that is directly connected to the exchanges of either Operator, but it does not include the Mobile Numbers of either Operator. Sample 1.

How do you find fixed points?

What’s the fixed point representation of?

.In computing, fixed-point is a way to represent fractional (non-integer) numbers by storing a fixed number of digits of their fractional part. For example, dollar amounts are usually stored with just two fractional digits, which stand for the cents (1/100 of a dollar).

Why do we use fixed point representation?

The benefit of using a fixed-point representation is that it is fast, but the downside is that it can only represent a small range of values.

What is the difference between floating point and fixed point?

The difference between fixed point and floating point is that fixed point sets aside a certain number of digits for the integer part and the fractional part, while floating point does not.

What is fixed and floating number?

A fixed point number is just a number with a set amount of digits after the decimal point. A number with a floating point can have any number of digits after the decimal point. For example, a fixed-point method of storing numbers is one that needs exactly four digits after the decimal point.

Is fixed point faster than floating point?

Fixed point math is easier to code and faster than floating point math, no matter how fast your processor is. Fixed point is fine unless you know you will be working with numbers that are too big for the fixed-point unit.

What is upper fixed point?

At sea level, the upper fixed point is the temperature at which pure water boils. The highest fixed point on the Celsius scale is 100oC, and the highest fixed point on the Fahrenheit scale is 212oF.

What is fixed point data?

The exact data types are the fixed-point data types. If a value in the input field can’t be written in the target table or database without losing accuracy, the system gives an error.

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