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Weshare download Wear – New technology and best practices and no advertising.

Support all Android devices
Share files without using the internet or mobile data
Send and receive all kinds of files
-300 times faster than Bluetooth, maximum speed up to 50M / s.
Share files in 1 tap without complicated steps

  • Built-in and user-friendly UI

Share files without internet
Transfer files without using mobile data or connecting to the network Network connection free Free from the internet Mobile data is free Weshare download

Built-in and friendly UI
WeShare has a simple, clean and user-friendly file transfer interface. All files are organized into categories (e.g., music, apps, images) making it easy to find and share them.

Transfer files between all Android devices
All Android devices are supported! Use the pre-installed version of ShareMe on Mi devices
Or just download the app from Google Play

The only ad-free file transfer tool on the market
The only ad-free file transfer tool on the market Only the UI makes you comfortable

Lightning strikes quickly
Shares actually transfer files 200 times faster than Bluetooth


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