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Weed Company 2: Back to College, Manitoba Games Bud Farm Tycoon Game.

Now the sequel to the legendary weed growth adventure, Weed Firm: Replicated, will be the next level in simulations for pot sales.

In this plant game you can:
Own a weed farming empire with many species of white marijuana, including the famous White Widow and Purple Hayes, as well as the amazingly powerful and very beautiful exotic weed
Market your pot for Jay Jane the exotic dancer, Lanny and Derte rap duo, Sandy and Mandy cheerleaders, Ian the DJ, Rasta Bob and many more exceptional customers.
• Exclusive Customer Solza Boy Now – Big Draco!
Plants grow your plants and optimize your store, which will help enhance your feel and keep you safe from marijuana for intruders.
Grow grass new grass business and expand your store by growing magic mushrooms; Varieties such as Mexican, Ecuador, Alien and Intergalactic
Open the Galaxy Portal to another Galaxy and sell your best mushrooms to foreign visitors
G Protect your Summers and Mary Jane from your gangbangers and find creative ways to move corrupt cops and federal agents ready to destroy your pot growing store.
Operation Extend your operation in and out. What do you find inside the RV? Expand your business with blunts, rosin dobs, waxes and a variety of foods!
Is land enough for your growing business? Collect a spaceship and open shop in the space bar, where you can make and sell high profits, focus on new aliens!

Following the Weed Company: Growing and Playing the Famous Role-Playing Weed, botany student Ted Groning returns to his alma mater. This time he was not there to hit the books, but to hide from the hot cops on his way. Ted put his hay grower in an abandoned gym and he set out to do his best work: growing and selling marijuana. When he sends his weeds to new places, you will not tire; Planting new varieties of bud and magic mushrooms. As Ted grows his pot farm empire and sells it to an ever-growing client base seeking R-E-S-P-E-C-T, he raises his nerve to increase your intelligence.

Jigsaw with you! Peace

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