Web Macro Bot apk (record | edit | replay) NO ROOT


Web Macro Bot apk, Web Macro Bot apk (record | edit | replay) NO ROOT

Web Macro Bot causes you record website page occasions and replay these occasions naturally later on, likewise in foundation. Regular, you invest such a great amount of energy in monotonously doing likewise things on the web. For instance: login into sites or see share advertise details.


  • No root is required on the gadget
  • Easy strides to record your occasions. Not any more confounded programming.
  • Our sharp bots play occasions legitimately in work in webview so no impedance with gadget whenever
  • Don’t require USB or PC
  • YouTube recordings for help
  • Demos on our site
  • Samples can be downloaded in the APP menu
  • Run activities in foundation

With Web Macro Bot mechanization instrument, you can record console type, mouse snap and page scroll effectively as a full scale content, at that point at whatever point you need, fire up the large scale to replay every one of your activities over and again.

The full scale occasions are caught as javascript (html markup/css style/ajax jquery selector) and can be replayed to reproduce client activities. You can utilize it on any website page for programmed composing, hyperlink route, textbox information passage, picture perusing, auto surfer, auto clicker, auto invigorate page, mechanized value checking and track page changes.


  • auto revive: chrome/site page/site checker/program
  • auto clicker: mouse tap/button clicking/console occasions
  • web crawler: mark/content crawlers/content extraction/information extraction/information mining
  • revive web traffic at certain span and up time robot
  • site screen/page change screen (notice and web alert)
  • auto click mouse or a serie of catches on website pages/tapping games
  • screen capture website page catch and page checking
  • web recorder: screen or program area
  • auto page reload, time bot and time clickers

[Supported Macro Events]

  • full or self-loader console input/information passage test
  • tapping occasion/auto contact occasion/mouse clicks via robotized rationale
  • page scroll/mouse wheel scroll
  • various page hyperlink route
  • time delay between occasions
  • large scale recorder log
  • auto bot large scale alter

[Webview Features]

  • site page screen capture and recorder screen
  • content crawler/web scrubber
  • rehash large scale at indicated stretch
  • simple auto invigorate in forefront (screen must be on)
  • auto page boost and page screen in foundations (screen off)
  • reset treat
  • client specialist

[How to arrangement and record macro]

  • Fill in the site page url (for example facebook landing page)
  • Use [Browser] symbol to open site landing page
  • Wait for the page to stack completely
  • Touch [Camera] symbol to begin large scale recording
  • Once began (Ready message show up), you can utilize mouse and console to do anything you need
  • Use [Stop] symbol to complete the process of recording
  • Optionally, you can alter every occasion to change time delay, erase steps,… [Pen] symbol

[How to play my macros]

  • Tap [Play] symbol to moment replay large scale in forefront
  • Use [Reset] symbol to open/reset the underlying url
  • Optionally, handicap scroll converge to replay scroll gradually [Tools] symbol

[Run various macros in background]

  • Open your large scale, set a span and push the [Play] symbol.
  • Our logo will show up (little and portable).
  • Multi large scale auto play simultaneously, is additionally accessible.
  • You would now be able to proceed with your different applications.
  • Interval (minute): over 1 minutes as span is suggested. Enter 0.5 for 30 seconds.
  • Connecting telephone with USB charging link is suggested.

[Save Log to document txt and csv]

  • Replayed accounts are logged.
  • Export way/area in the settings
  • Use [Log] symbol on base right corner of your large scale to open.
  • Export to document is accessible in txt and csv.

[Bug reporting]

  • Export your large scale (way/area is appeared in the settings)
  • Send email with appended .json full scale
  • apk

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