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wave send money to africa apk Tarang Money is Myanmar’s # 1 mobile financial services company with more than 5 million users.

Tarang Money has funded millions of Burmese through the Tarang Shop and Tarang Pay’s largest nationwide agent network.

Web Pay is our new customer app that aims to enable customers to discover more services and better serve customers by enabling the digital payment ecosystem.

Send money: Wave Pay enables customers to send money to Myanmar at any time and at any time using just one phone number. WavePay customers can send money to another WavePay phone number, another mobile no mobile number or even Myanmar NRC. Non-phone numbers and money receipts sent to the Myanmar NRC can be collected at the nearest wave shop.

Send QR money: Scan someone’s web Pay QR and send them money wave send money to africa apk

Nearby Wave Shops: Allows you to find the nearest Wave Store to get cash or cash from the Wave Pay app.

Bank Partnership: Upgrade your webpage account by linking your Yoma Bank account or sending money through the KBZ and CB mobile banking app.

Mobile Topup: With Web Pay you can top your phone, MPT, Uredu, MyTel or Mactel phone numbers!

Broadband: Using webpage you can pay for your telenor and happy broadband bills.

Service Bill: Star City Service Bill can be provided through Wave Pay

Solar Home and Sun King can be paid via webpage

Reasons: Send money and greetings to Dham Young Chi, Honey C Gon and Fung Dao Oo.

Bus Tickets: Book tickets within the webpage through payment integration, Myanmar’s first progressive web app – brought to you in partnership with MMBusTicket.com

Interested in becoming a wave shop agent?
Call 900 (free) for the Telenor number or 097900090000 for another number.

Interested in enabling your business to accept payments with wave money?

WavePay brings a new look and feel, creates a better image and provides more clarity on how to use WavePay.

Improved customer experience – Web navigation is more integrated with improved navigation, automated OTP recognition, unbound user boarding, mobile operator recognition, recent savings and more. After a confirmation using share confirmation, share a snapshot of your transaction confirmation through any messaging app. Click on any transaction in the history of the transaction to copy the transaction date into your clipboard.

Cleaner look and feel – The new web page has transparent payment categories such as bills, top ups, donations and more. WavePay also has a notification inbox that accepts cash out and WavePay API notifications.

Transparency – Wave Pay now provides a better transaction history with more details on how to use B features, how and where to pay cash, and how to use your wallet.


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