Watermark remover apk No 1 Best App


watermark remover apk, Watermark remover apk No 1 Best App


Watermark remover apk This application can be used to remove or add watermarks to images and videos

Watermark animations can be added to images / videos using text and images with a variety of options including watermark animation. Watermark remover apk

You can also press a watermark by selecting its area (lasso or rectangle) and the app can remove it by interpolating the surrounding pixels. This queue works mostly on alpha-mixed watermarks, or you can harvest outside the watermark area, it works completely for the media with a logo on the edge.

How to use. Watermark remover apk

As soon as the app launches it shows you the option to select an image or video
After the selection, you will be asked if you want to remove or add a watermark.
अगर If you select the REMOVE LOGO option, you will be taken to the screen with the Preview and Controlled Income field (more than 1 field specified) with functions to specify the area of ​​the logo on this screen on the Custom Period button. Specify the period for which you can click the apply filter You can pinch it with the zoom option and the finger to choose the small watermark area well.

If you select the ADD LOGO option, you will be taken to the screen with the option of adding text or images, where you can customize each option, such as font, text,
Color, shape or rotation

Usage You can use prefabricated images as a watermark or save your specific settings as a template, these templates can be applied to a different image or in the next video using the ‘Saved Templates’ option. Can

Press the View Save button and wait to complete the process and view or share the results.

All exports are saved in the Watermark Manager folder in the SD card root directory. You can also view the processed files using the ‘My Gallery’ screen

Common questions and answers

How to add more fonts

Copy the font files (.ttf) to the watermark manager -> font directory and the app will take those fonts from there.
How to animate watermarks

Select the watermark you want to animate and click the A button at the bottom of the bar and define settings such as the duration and direction of the watermark.
How to improve processed video quality

On the edit screen (where you specify the watermark area and other components) there is a gear icon in the upper right corner, please use slow motion for which you have patience and video quality will improve.
How to save my logo settings as a template

After explaining all the logo settings (images, text), click on the top-right gear icon to open the settings screen and then select “Save Template” -> Template and click on it.
What is the Profif logo

These are images that come with the app and can be added as watermarks, which can be downloaded from the screen settings.
What to do if you have more than 1 watermark to remove

Use the Add (+) action button in the lower bar to specify the second watermark area.
Which video format is supported

Mainly M Mp4 but if your video is in any other format it has been trans-coded for mp4.


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