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vyng apk, Vyng apk No 1 Best App


Vyng apk Wing visualizes each ring with video ringtones, video color ID and spam protection. Wing also allows you to choose the video you play when calling others

Choose a free video ringtone as your color ID when you call! With more than 15 million downloads, our video caller ID business calls calls from unknown numbers, robocalls and spam. You can also choose to play any ringtone video when you get the call so every call is a party! Vyng apk

And yes, the wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion

It’s great to call your friends with Wing – you can choose a free outgoing video ringtone that you want to play on your friends’ phones when you make a call! Then, when you call a friend, they will see your video ringtone playing on your phone. Get out! You and your friends need to install Wing to work, so download it for free and invite all your friends! 4

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Regular color ID is annoying! Wing is the first video ringtone + color ID app Upgrade the wing and get a better color ID, which will show you the color ID video ringtone for both anonymous call and spam call. Spam calls are very annoying, but Wing detects spam calls and allows you to block and report spam with your caller ID – everyone is free!

If someone calls you what’s not on the wing, you can choose a ringtone video to play by setting a custom video ringtone for that person.

Common phone call and color ID apps are LAME! The TherOther color ID and spam blocking app all look and work the same, and most ringtone apps give you the same old annoying videos and ringtones. With Vinger’s free caller ID, you can call someone, you can call, when you get a spam call, watch the video! Get out!

Note:Vyng apk

  • Audio: For video ringtones with cold or silent audio, you can add a custom audio ringtone!
  • Offline: Free video ringtone will work even if you are offline! However, for new content, you need to connect to the Internet in stages to get the latest videos.


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