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Vsat apk VSAT ™ for Business is a supplementary mobile app that works in conjunction with the Web-based Weakness Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT ™). Before using the app, traders need to sign up for the online VSAT ™ service and have the appropriate certificate to sign in to use the VSAT.

VSAT ™ enables businesses to create and assign assessments to specific evaluators and sites. The evaluator will then evaluate the information provided by them on the mobile tablet device site.

Vsat apk

There are six sections of the assessment Feedback and supporting evidence, in the form of an image that can be uploaded to every personal question, is presented to the server and an executive summary and full report is generated.

The executive summary specifically indicates the individual risk assessment for each department and the overall risk assessment for that site.

The full report identifies the risks and proposes practical risk reduction measures by identifying the best practices in the UK applicable to users.


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