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Ultimate VR roller coaster experience. The latest version now features a roller coaster building. Create your own roller coaster, and then watch it in virtual reality.

Share the legendary 3D rides you have created in a real multiplayer environment in which other roller coaster makers compete to create the most exciting ride. All rides are ranked and viewed by other creators.

This VR game includes many virtual reality (VR) roller coaster rides. The ultimate theme park VR app is just a click away from you. You can experience roller coaster tracks in VR or touch mode (non-VR).

Make your own roller coaster
The builder provides in-game tutorials to help you create your own roller coaster easily and quickly. Other manufacturers may look after making your ride. You can also see your own ride on the VR.

VR, but no gyroscope?
Don’t worry we’ve covered you. If you have a device that does not have a gyroscope sensor, please rotate your head left or right to rotate the view. You do not control the vr rollercoaster, but you can see the 360 ​​view angle / degree while traveling.

Lots of rides
If you can enjoy it so much, why settle for a roller coaster? Swing through your own roller coaster park and please ride on your own. This ride comes in different flavors and levels of thrill from around the world. Choose the more classic cedar roller coaster version లేదా or take a crazy fast ride and find out when you get QC. Standard stock tracks are included and 150,000 user generated tracks. User-generated tracks are created by fellow players and added daily. We both offer 360 recorded videos of real roller coaster rides and explore the fantasy world of the amazingly interactive 3D race roller coaster that will lower your jaw! If this is not enough you can do your own ride.
New 3D VR roller coaster ride that interacts with the new 2020 Ride live music. The newest Alien Music Ride puts you on a relaxed and high-speed ride that conveys music and captures the imagination. An online connection (recommended WiFi) is required for live music.

The VR app is optimized for Android mobile phones and Google Cardboard usage. We want to support cheap and high end devices. If you are having trouble displaying the ride properly on your headset, please check that you have enabled the cardboard setting correctly for your device. You can usually scan the QR code to enable the settings for your headset automatically. We know compatibility: VRTX One, Stockie, VR Kicks, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugeo 3D, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, VRTRI, Fibrom VR, VR View-Master, Nibiru. Please contact us if you have any issues. You can use this app to enjoy rides without a VR headset via touch control.

If you like free VR apps and games and especially the thrilling VR roller coaster rides‌, this is for you to download.

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