Voopee No 1 Best App


voopee, Voopee No 1 Best App


Voopee With WP you can connect with other users for free This cross platform app supports HD audio and video You can also create and create group chats for more than 100 participants
Purchase a one-minute plan to call a non-WP landline or mobile phone number or use a “our fee when going at an attractive rate”.

In VP, your phone number is your ID Your contacts who are already VIP users are automatically identified. Voopee

Main features: Voopee

  • Free audio and video calls to other VIP users – HD quality,
  • Free chat and group chat,
  • Attachments: short videos, audio notes, pictures,
  • Location Partners,
  • PUSH Notification – Never forget messages and calls even if your app is closed,
  • Voice mail with e-mail delivery,
  • Virtual phone number – Get phone numbers from more than 60 countries,
  • Minute rate and attractive salary you rate


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