VITA – Video Editor & Maker


VITA - Video Editor & Maker, VITA – Video Editor & Maker


VITA – Video Editor & Maker App

VITA is a straightforward video editing app with all of the tools you’ll need for filming.
With VITA’s high-quality features, you can start making great videos right away.

  • Full HD videos can be exported.
  • Use the video speed option to increase the speed and add slow motion.
  • To make your films look more theatrical, use video transitions.
  • Create dreamy glitch, glitter, and bling effects for your videos.
  • Apply colour grading filters to your videos.
  • Add music to your videos by selecting songs from the music library.
  • Make your own vlogs with the help of simple video templates.
  • Customize with strokes, shadows, and colours to use pre-made fonts and animated letters.
  • To make clone videos, collage and overlay videos with PIP.
VITA - Video Editor & Maker, VITA – Video Editor & Maker

SenseTime’s Face Technology REVIEWS

THIS APP IS AMAZING!!!! But recently, I’ve been having an issue, and I’m really sad about it because I was editing a movie that took me 45 minutes… But I think I was editing for too long, so I hope you don’t have this issue. I noticed there was an update, so I installed it, assuming the problem was caused by the fact that I was utilising it.

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