Vipra putra path No 1 Best App


Vipra putra path This application will help you for instruments / staples / coins (spiritual symbols). Here we have given all the stages of Panchayat Dev’s “worship” and “Yajna”

This application includes,

  • Momentary
  • Land worship
  • Kundamandap
  • Prayer
  • Prayer – immersion in tilak (complete with mantras)
  • Mantraprakasham
  • Stotrapranam
  • Nirjanpakaran (Aarti)
  • Shastrathrapranam
  • Pavilion
  • Yajnavalka Sikh
  • yarn
  • Chaturveda mantra
  • Full Goddess Membership Application:
  • Mantra garland
  • and many more …

This includes books, Vipra putra path

  1. Veraputrapath (Volume 6)
  2. Mandalacharanam (Volume 6)

You can contact us to get a hard copy of the books,


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