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Vimo apk Hello! Meet new people and say hello to the most interesting social live chat app – Instant Match, Live Instant Voice Talk and Video Chat, Hello, Text Chat and Free Social App. It’s easy to chat around the world or with strangers and travel online or offline.

Vimo is the most yoga app with the following beautiful b features features in live video chat or voice. Vimo apk

Online Free Online Video Chat: Quick Face to Meet Live People
Meet interesting people and enjoy free live random video chat! Don’t be shy! Do a dance, sing a song, say a little joke like a monkey, or any other interesting thing you want to try. Just show yourself and live video calls and talk to new people in the world.

★ Free Online Voice Chat: Match with New Strangers Only and Live Voice Talk.
Just click and connect with strangers, then make pressure-free live voice calls with new people. Share your story or sing a popular song with friends you are interested in. This is a great way to show off your beautiful voice and hear the warm voices of other users! Be happy and when you search for live voice chat, your annoying time will quietly go away. Vimo apk

★ Beauty Effects: See more miracles on Vimo
Don’t think you don’t have time to do makeup You can already see it when you video chat! Once your face is recognized during the video chat, the beauty effect will be applied automatically.

★ Instant Messaging (IM): Private text chat
Tap the heart icon to follow someone or follow someone you are interested in. Then start a personal text, voice or voice chat with your mutual friends from anywhere in the world. Vimo apk

Vimo is growing fast and more special features are coming!

Vimo is adding tons of wonderful people in a new way! It’s time to meet new people right away with free live voice and video chat

Join now and have fun with Vimo!


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