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video star pro apk, video star pro apk No 1 Best App


video star pro apk Become a Video Star with MagT-Magic Video Editor and Video Maker for TikTok Magic Effects Video Editor provides video editing with amazing effects for video editing, touch and unique music. Magic video makers help video stars get more followers on TikTok with effects. To be an effective video star!

Magic Video Editor with Effects has trendy content, animation, and fan effects that help you edit videos. Use Magic Video Maker with effect to edit blogstar videos, you will soon get an effective video star Tiktak, Instagram, YouTube …

Key features include: video star pro apk

Video Cool Video Effects: ccp, wave, glitch, RGB … to be a pro ticker editor.
★ Magic Touch: Fire, Bomb Effect, Magic Power …
Kifram animation is available for stickers and text Easy to use video editor keyframe
Introducing the Creator: Closed Scenes, Grids, Movies … Magic Effects for Videos.
★ FX Editor: Time-Lap Magic Video Editor and Slow-My Magic Video Maker. Be a movie star
Music Video Editor for Fun Funny Lip Sync Easy to use photo slide show maker

Edit the video with effect
Add a touch and magic effect to a video or photo, make a great video.
Add magic effects to photos, make videos like jeeps Edit the video with effect

Introducing creators with impact
Edit videos or photos with cool cool mixed effects! Easily become a video star
Cold mixed video effects to create intro in Vlog videos Stylish intro maker

Photo Slide Show Music Video Producer
Add free featured music or add your own music with a magical effect Kifram Video Editor with Pro Tiktok Effect
Select to select 100+ music / songs Edit the video with effect in the ticketing editor
Effects Short video makers with effects Photo slideshow show maker with video effects

Add sticker and text cream animation to the video
Kifram Video Editor provides two ways to create stickers and text animations. Mago Video is a unique video editor that can record the movement of stickers and text created by your finger. You can directly add cream to the TikTok effect
Free Stickers on Video Effects, Funny Memes, GIFs / Emojis, DIY Stickers.
Add text to the video to create cool music videos and lip sync videos in the Magic Video Editor with the Effects effect. Music video makers with magic effects for video and photo slide shows.

Video cut and trim
★ Video cutter and video trimmer The length you need before editing a video with effect
★ Rotation, flip, reverse video clip Kifram video editor is as easy as video cut
Fit your video or photo in proportion to the trendy video effect
★ To select multiple backgrounds, e.g., black, white, vague, etc.

Save and share
Export HD video after losing quality after editing Kifram animation video with Magic Magic effect.
Surprise Magic Video Maker and your friends for TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram!

The best magic video editor with effects designed for video stars to edit videos with effects, slomo, music. Create a video effect on a magic video maker with effect at any time Record moments of your life on a photo slide show with a Kifam animation sticker to surprise your family or friends.


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