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Video star app download It is easy to create the best video editor with music and transcendence, a video / photo slide show and video beats with cool music vibrations and slomo effects. Use video editing and video maker apps to add movie effects to create music videos, cinematic film videos with effects. And it can be a free video for your video as well as an intro creator and an auto creator. Slice video to make video montage and easy vlog video.

Video star app download

Vlog Star for Videos is the best editing app, which helps you easily create Vlog, gaming videos, response videos, music motion videos for social media and more. Vlog Star is your pro vlog maker and makes you a professional video editing star for your video capture and cropping! Share your video masterpieces on YouTube, Instagram, Ticket Lock, Reel and more!

Key features include: Video star app download

Video filters and fx effects

  • Best-in-class video filters and film-level video filters and presets with filmmakers and editors to make videos like pro-filmmakers.
  • Choose 80+ cool FX video filters and effects from glitch, vine, shake, vita to retro.
  • Adjust the video with brightness, contrast, saturation, vignette, temperature and more.

Lessons and stickers and music. Video star app download

  • Use beautiful third text animations as titles and captions for your videos and social videos.
  • Customize your text with fonts, eight strokes, shadows, animation b features.
  • Provide hundreds of stickers with motion stickers, customers, bloggers, emoji and more.
  • Hundreds of copyrights No copyright music and sound effects spell the mantra in your video.

Video change

  • Provide 50+ fantastic video transfer effects and update with video star style and glitch style.
  • Use video transfer effects with fast and slomo to create a pro and cinematic video.

Stock footage and intro maker and last screen template

  • Free intro templates, end screen templates, time card transmission clips, video background beauty with video background.
  • Dozens of intro templates for beauty blogs, sports, makeup, fashion, cooking.
  • Motion Ending Card Template for Vlogger

Music bit videos and music slide shows. Video star app download

  • An easy video editor for everyone One click to add video clips / photos to stylish music video templates.
  • Jotter, Camera Vibration, Glitch, VHS, VIN, Shadow … FX Effects and Fantastic Music Decimal Infections to Revise Your Music Bit Video
  • Infinite slide shows and music videos beats within 30 seconds
  • Music templates are updated regularly

Response camera

  • Powerful feedback video maker You can record and edit your video responses without using a computer
  • Find videos and enter your feedback directly, such as a funny video or meme and react to LOL with your fans!
  • Pause and comment during your recording response
  • A vlog editor app to add frames to PIP videos

Video trimmer and splitter and mixer and converter

  • Best editing tools to cut and cut videos Split videos directly with one tap
  • Video crop and cut in proportion to landscape, portrait or square
  • Cut your videos and mix the videos together
  • Mix video clips with the best editing tools
  • An easy video editor to convert photos in MP4 format to 1080p or 720p video.

Video speed control

  • Best Slow Me or Slomo Video Editor to adjust your video speed to make your video more awesome.
  • Fast / slow motion video maker with 4 times speed adjustment.

Video Background:

  • Change the background color of your video without requiring any craps
  • You can scale and blur your video background

There are no ads at this time:

  • There is no banner or pop-up ad when you are editing the video.
  • A video editor that never bothers There are no ads or watermarks after upgrading to the Pro version

Vloggers – Download a powerful video editor for Vlog Star You can also become the power and work director of the legendary The Daily Nandin Life!


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