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Video star apk download Free video editors and video creators give you many unique features to create eye-catching videos. This all-in-one video maker lets you quickly edit, crop, trim and share videos anywhere. You can add music, pictures and stickers and apply wonderful video effects to your video clips.

At this point, the app is also an efficient photo editor In video editors, adjustments, effects, stickers, filters, texts and other functions can also be applied to photos. You can create amazing photography with some touch Get this free pro video maker on your Android device and stand on your favorite social networking sites. Time to add your personal touch to your video with filters, stickers, titles, music and more.Video star apk download

Key features include:
★ Free and unlimited use
You can use video editors and video makers as long as you want with unlimited exports.

★ Easy editing, simple and fun
Take trim and crop videos as you need Organize videos, audio and photos with drag and drop Pop your videos with free video trimmers and video cutters Whether you are a professional video editor or a beginner, enjoy the creative flexibility. Video star apk download

★ Photo editor that makes you a master photographer!
The application gives you a free and fast photo editing experience You can turn your photo into real art with just a few taps
You can select music / fonts / stickers / effects from the build-in library.

★ Trends in video effects and filters
Video editors and video creators have been selected as the most popular and artistic filters on Instagram and Ticket. It also provides free video transfer effects that will make your video easy and artistic. With a few minutes of impact and cool animation you can easily make your video awesome.

Add music to the video
With a video editor, it is very simple to add music or voice-over to your video. You can also remove background music from your favorite video Want to like videos on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok? Just open the video editor and start editing! Video star apk download

Your video color grading
Increase and change the color of your video, and bring your video to life with an easy color correction and color grading feature. This video editor makes it very convenient to adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of your video.

Change the video background
Video editors and video makers are a great video editing app with which you can customize your video background. White, black or blue background, it depends on you

Customize the title and graphics Video star apk download
Use animated graphics such as titles, stickers and overlays. Various text fonts and stickers are waiting to be discovered Make them color, size, font and more to make them yours

★ Video Speed ​​Control
Speed, slowness, progress and vice versa With just a few clicks on the video creator, you can speed up your video in a fun way or slow down your video for those special moments.

Export HD HD video and share it with your friends
Video editors and video creators make it easy to showcase your creations on any favorite social site you want on YouTube, Instagram, TickTack and more. Once you have made the video you can export it to HD and share it with your friends.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us
Video editing with video editors and video makers is easier than ever. Tap to clip and edit video clips, adjust transitions, add cool effects, and create more beautiful videos that you would like to share. Download it now and easily create and edit videos like a pro!


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