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Vani app download Vani allows you to manage your incoming daily calls using voice commands
Say ‘hello’ to receive the call
Reject the call as ‘No’
Ask the speaker to answer the call in speaker mode
Tell ‘SMS’ to send an auto-reply message

You can also customize your words
Such as – Hello, Sorry Sorry, Goodbye, Stop, Hola, etc. Vani app download

Answer the incoming call without touching the screen while your hand is busy or while driving in your car.

Able to say the name of the voice caller and recognize the voice, you can answer or reject the caller. Vani app download

It makes it easier and easier to connect with your supportive, more important people

Choose your favorite theme, live wallpaper or add your own photos
Give the necessary permission and you are all set!
So next time, when your phone rings, you have to say “hello” to pick up the call after the ringtone (color name). Vani app download

Now share the screen of your smartphone device while talking together on the phone. A unique idea for screen partners as you continue your conversation
Browse websites, read articles, plan, shop with friends.
Share your screen with Voice Talk and it allows you to share images, videos, apps, e-commerce sites with any problems. Use this method instead of sharing photos, links or other sharing methods The Vani app allows you to share something while talking to your friends

Protect yourself from spam and unknown phone calls with our color ID b feature.
Color ID – The call blocker function gives you the option to prevent unknown or spam colors. You can update the spam call database in the call block list Never bother with spam calls.


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