Vaarkaart Friese Meren Apk


Vaarkaart Friese Meren Apk, Vaarkaart Friese Meren Apk

The ideal outline for cruising on the Frisian lakes. This diagram is made for pontoon leaseholders, captains and team of sail vessels, speedboats and freight boats. Likewise suggested for kayaks and fishers.


From Stavoren to Grouw, with the accompanying lakes:: Heegermeer, Fluessen, Morra, Oudegaster Brekken, Zwarte and Witte Brekken, Sneekermeer, Koevorden, Tjeukermeer, Langweerderwielen, and Pikmeer/Wijde Ee.

This is a definite graph with a scale 1,3m/pixel. This comes down to around 1 : 5000 on the screen.

Profundity see

With clear profundity see from the Friese Meren Project in very much shaded profundity regions on the lakes and profundity numbers along the conduits. Created by Stentec in collaboration with the territory Fryslân dependent on the latest profundity estimations.


The included database contains 2345 waypoints separated in 13 gatherings. The 145 marinas show telephone numbers and sites. Different gatherings are among others bouyage, securing spots, campings and corner stores.

The precise situated bouyage contains the supposed ‘drools’. These imprint the shielded flying creature territory from 1 October to 1 May. Outside this period these are supplanted by yellow regatta floats.

Marrekrite 2014 common securing places are additionally remembered for the diagram. You can without much of a stretch check whether outdoors is permitted (CAMP), if a holder is available (CONT) or on the off chance that you can secure (WAL).

The extensions and bolts along the conduits are appeared with stature and width so you can without much of a stretch arrangement your course. The numerous aquaducts are likewise appeared. Most extensions are worked every day from 1 May to 1 November from 9h-19h. In June, July and August even until 20h.


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