United bank e passbook No 1 Best App


united bank e passbook, United bank e passbook No 1 Best App


United bank e passbook You can view your account transactions at any time through PNB mPassBook
You do not need to be a mobile banking or internet banking user to register for this app.
Any retailer of PNB, along with the mobile number registered with us, can use this app to view their account details.

Features Features: United bank e passbook

  1. M-PIN based login, so you don’t remember long usernames and passwords.
  2. You can view the details of the mini statement and your account
  3. You can download and save details on your device
  4. From here you can email your registered account directly.

** You need a 9-character customer ID to register for this app It can be found in Internet Banking (Personal Settings -> Personal Details View -> Primary Customer ID) with your printed passbook. United bank e passbook

** This app is only for our retail users

** Savings, Currents, Overdrafts, Frequent Accounts can be viewed through this app.

** Report any issues related to PNB mPassBook to [email protected]

** Supports Android 5.1 and above


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