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Unfold apk Unfold is a story editor that offers Instagram Story Templates 300+ prizes. Create beautiful collage layouts for Instagram stories with our easy-to-use design, fonts and tools to take our content to the next level.

  • Choose templates from collections like movies and scrapbooks
  • Use advanced textbooks with new fonts and style options
  • Add photo filters, stickers, textures and backgrounds
  • Share Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Tick Talk.

“With Unfold, your story will show that they took hours for the industry – even though you picked them together in less than a minute. You can share your videos, photos and text with the world on a storyboard. – Apple. Unfold apk

Forbes, Vogue, Fast Company, CNBC, WSJ, Refinery 29, Our Weekly, Shaguna, Mike and more.

  • Templates and collages

Explore our library Layout and browse collections with classics, film frames, printed paper, digital web, magazines, artists, moodboards and plastics. Just add your photos or videos to the frame and quickly design great social content for your story or feed. Start building your IG Story as an effective one and build your brand with our Insta Story Maker. Unfold apk

  • Fonts and text editors

Apply new fonts to elevate your story with the text All of our fonts have been taken over and we have created powerful text editing tools as the details are complete. You can add text to the photo and add text to our story creator in the video Bring your design back to Mojo! Unfold apk

  • Filters and effects

Create and edit your photos with our photo filters including Tulum, Rechir, Canaria, Bedford, Detroit, Brighton, Menorca, Paris, Sydney, Sofia, Cairo and Brooklyn. We also have animated video effects like Glitter, VHS and Glitch. Our photo tools include brightness, contrast, shadow, highlights, saturation, warmth and tint – so you can get the perfect look every time.

  • Backgrounds and stickers

Add backgrounds and textures to your layout with our background tools. Choose from color presets and textures, or edit with a color picker or idrop tool to get the right color or tone. We also support hex codes so that you can keep your brand together. Unfold for Lux Design is your art lab. Unfold apk

Unnecessary + membership

Unfold + is a membership that helps you reach your creative potential. Become a member to unlock full experience

All stories access to templates and fonts
Quick access to new collections
Special publications and designs
Cancel at any time. Unfold apk

Unnecessary for brands

Unnecessary for a brand is a membership to socialize your brand Ethos. Create brand-level content from anywhere

Upload custom fonts to use in your story
Add your brand color to your palette
Sync your logos and stickers with the app
Share your stories on the web with the Stori.es link
Includes unfold + subscription

Annual membership billing will begin after the exam period After 7 days of free testing, this membership will be automatically renewed every year Or if you choose a monthly subscription, your billing will start immediately and auto-renew every month. Membership will be automatically renewed until at least one day before the renewal date, 24 hours before the current term expires. Your Google Account will be charged once the purchase is confirmed If you subscribe before the end of a free trial, the rest of the trial period will be lost. You can manage and cancel your membership by going to your account settings in the Google Play Store.


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