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★ uc lite apk The new Light Browser 2020 is a lightweight and secure uc browser that allows you to surf the internet quickly with a bad Wi-Fi connection without ruining your data plan. It blocks annoying ads and allows you to easily download videos from social media by providing personal news. This browser provides additional b features for all users to browse all social media, food, travel, news, all local websites at high speed. Includes all in one social media app and top online shopping app uc lite apk

★ New Light Browser 2020 is a versatile and safe and secure UCI browser for Android. What makes web browsers smart is amazing browsing and download speeds. The new Light Browser 2020 helps you quickly find and answer the Mini Browser, easily find and watch videos, captures local news immediately. In addition, this uc browser provides rich content for you Good morning memes, love memes, hot gifts, bonus games, live cricket scores and schedules, film exams. All your daily necessities can be found in this browser An app includes a location on all and all apps on a social network All your Indonesian social media needs in one app can be popular on share messages, photos, social networks. Video, stickers, voice messages and location are easy with friends

Content This application is easy to use, it is based on a modular concept, so you can start with any information you want to know about any chapter and UC browser you want. Wants to accept The Mini Browser is a fast, secure, light and smart uc browser for Android, the fastest u browser view for fast loading speed and privacy. Personal and browsing, tracking security can block parts of web pages that can track your U browsing activity. Web Browser News has a built-in news feed that helps you find more content that you love.

Light New Video Browser 2020 can automatically play videos while browsing the web with the smart detection function, which allows you to save videos online from almost all websites. With a download icon on the website, a ucbrowser will notify the user if there is an online video. This is very simple for videos that use smart functions A smart app includes all and 500+ online shopping, food, travel websites. In a Brazilian social media app you can share all the videos Turkish social news messenger, chat, all social media app photos, videos in one app.

Features of this browser Features: uc lite apk

★ Search Engine
Switch the search engine to your liking We support Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, Dock Dock and Bing.

★ Multi-tab manager
Easy switching of pages from multiple websites Using your multi-tab manager will make your browsing experience easier.

★ Powerful file manager browser
Easily save status app and powerful file manager Support more than 100 file formats like Word

★ Personal browsing
The Personal tab makes your browsing experience completely personal, with no history, cookies, catches, etc.

★ Bookmark / History
Bookmarks help save your favorite website and then provide faster navigation for rebuilding. Helps remember the history list Both will save time to find your favorite website

Size and Aries
It is a light app between 4-5 MB
★ Your phone does not hang when using it Due to its lightweight uc browser

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