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Turbo downloader Find and download many files (videos, audio, images, docks, jeeps) from your web browser. Share URL Links with Turbo Download Manager Turbo multi-thread, multi-network download enables you to increase your speed. You can pause multiple downloads, re-work or queue at any time. Directly and quickly download the SD card

New: Add Wi-Fi and Cell Networks at the same time to add additional turbochargers for Orio devices! Turbo downloader

All features are welcome
Support for external web browsers with web link blocking
Download multi-thread acceleration up to 10 threads
Your Wi-Fi and cell network connection for your download! (Orio devices and only above, see below for instructions)

Turbo mode for maximum number of threads at all times
Built-in Turbo Web Browser for fast browsing with Bookmark and Web History.
Find and download video videos and download many files in many steps from the web page. Turbo downloader

Download unlimited file size (files larger than 4 GB require SD card with XFat)
Download SD files directly to SD card (KitKat devices not supported)
★ Network Interface Supported: Wi-Fi, Cell, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VPN, etc.
★ Internet reconnection or re-attempt failed at specified time intervals.

★ Line / Pause / Restart at any time
Notifications with progress (sound / light / vibration option)
External web browser support (see list below)
Work in the background
Files rename files automatically
Thumbnail P Generation for Video and Image
Multimedia library for easy easy file access
5 MD5 hash check
★ Languages: English, Frank, Español, Portuguese, Italian. Turbo downloader

What TDM does:
TDM does not provide itself with free files
TDM does not work with YouTube due to Google’s terms of service
TDM will not increase your download speed more than the maximum bandwidth provided by your internet provider or the maximum speed provided by the server you are downloading. Some web servers may not support multiple connections

Enable multiple networks (Orio only!)
Enable the application “Settings”> “Network”> “Network Interface” and “All (Multiple)” or “User Defined”. Enable “Mobile data is always active” for Orio in Android Settings> Developer Settings. Make sure you keep an eye on your mobile data usage to prevent additional charges! Turbo downloader

Supported external web browsers:
Dolphins, Firefox, SkyFire (select Long Press and “Share Link”)
Miren, UC Browser (click on link)
Chrome (select “Share Page” from the menu)
Boat Browser (select “Open”)
For all other browsers that support the link partner, long-press a link and select “Link Link”.

TDM The above browser is not associated with any browser.


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