Truck simulator apk download No 1 Best App


truck simulator apk download, Truck simulator apk download No 1 Best App


Truck simulator apk download A game you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Experience a real truck driving mechanic by distributing trailers to different cities with beautiful views using your smartphone. The Mobile Truck Simulator will give you the best truck driver experience because don’t wait any longer.

Game features: Truck simulator apk download

4 * Realistic truck driving experience
Roads and city roads and highways
4 * Amazing Next Generation P Truck
4 * Effective truck customization
Custom distribution

4 * Realistic comprehensive internal
Trailers for transportation *
4 * Actual fuel use and damage arrangements
Ai * wise ai
Traffic * Realistic traffic system

4 * Realistic weather conditions (full of dry and rainy thunderstorms) and day and night cycles.
Different * different camera angles
Graphics * Amazing graphics
4 * Realistic truck sound effects
Easy * Easy control (tilt, button or steering wheel)

How to play
Start your truck using the Start / Stop button
Choose your mission mission and run the cities to distribute the trailer to the warehouse at the destination.
Control your truck using brakes and acceleration buttons. Truck simulator apk download

Choose how to control your truck in the settings menu
At night, you can turn on the headlight using the headlight button
When your truck runs out of gas, you can buy gas from the offer
If you follow traffic rules during the game, you will earn more money
Repair your truck at a specific location

Note: New truck or b features are welcome on our social page! Truck simulator apk download


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