Trash truck simulator mod apk No 1 Best App


trash truck simulator mod apk, Trash truck simulator mod apk No 1 Best App


Trash truck simulator mod apk Garbage truck simulator
Driving a garbage truck in an urban environment is an extreme test of driving skills
Take a seat and start your work on full models and animated trucks that are based on real truck models. Load the truck and transport the liter to your waste processing plant, where it will burn.

Trash truck simulator mod apk

It costs you money to burn waste, which you can use to renovate the stove or buy various trucks at the plant. There are many trucks to choose from
There are also many customization options for the truck, including paints and accessories

Features Features: Trash truck simulator mod apk
Detailed truck model with fully modeled interior
All trucks are animated
• Rear / Side / Front Loader
Many upgrades for each truck and processing plant
It is moving day and night with the effects of the weather
• Various control options (button, tilt, slider or steering wheel)
Manual and automatic gearbox options
Realistic physics
Big open city without screen loading
Realistic engine sound
Live AI traffic system


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