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Transformers prime game download for android Join millions of players in World War II! Combine the final set of transformers with autobots or desktops and use the letters combiners, triple changers, and bytes.

Collect more than 100 variables
Build space bridges to summon the classic hero Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Bombay through the infamous villain megatrons, StarCream and Soundwave. Fergus Colosseum Combinator with new Dinobot Combinator, Duster, Superon, Printing, Bretics and Volcanoes.

IL until everyone is one!
Compatibility with peer-to-peer automobiles or discs around the world Demonstrate your strength by competing in multiplayer events and planning with colleagues.

Use your skills
The character of each transformer is adorned with a unique ability Change the form to deploy powerful attacks and turn the tide of war!

Leave your head Transformers prime game download for android
Protect your energy by building an unforgettable fortress with technology from Cybertron!

Transformers: World War II download and free to play, although you can also buy in-app to complete your gameplay.

Under our Terms of Service (link below), Transformer: You must be at least 13 years old to play or download World War II.

We need to collect and use data from you to run the game for you Check out our Privacy Policy (link below) to learn more


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