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train station game on rails :

Join hundreds of thousands of train locomotives, collect thousands of locomotives and learn real life train stories about them.

Manage your station, your railroad, earn resources from passenger transport, gold, freight and get various materials with locomotives of freight trains. Use them to build your train station route and transport more passengers and goods along trains! Become a railway magnet in this amazing train simulator‌, complete hundreds of victories, cargo ships for contract partners to get amazing prizes. Collaborate with your friends to become a train dealer or compete with them on the Leaderboard to show the power of your train yard aircraft.

Explore with friends the legendary collection of Steam, Diesel, Electric, Maglev and Hyper Loop Railroad engines from manufacturers around the world, including the United States, Germany, India, Australia and other Euro countries.

Train Station Railroad Game Features:
Enjoy regular weekly updates packed with amazing train station content
Discover new achievements, train contract partners and trains in seasonal events
Find new friends on the train ts ts enthusiasts from all over the training world
Build your train station to get bonuses for your freight trains
Travelers earn gold by sending travelers to different places
Collect real life engines and find out about them in the museum
Compete with friends from around the world in your country or on the Leaderboard
Challenge yourself on a strategic strategic plan
Explore the world of travel railway business line
Show the world your unique station

Personalize the tracks at your train yard station with colorful railroad themes such as Western, San Francisco, Orient, London, New York. Participate in story-based explorations offered by multiple contract partners and earn experience points and amazing prizes.

Build hundreds of different buildings and railroad decorations with gold and build your dream station, admire your friends and visit your own station and tracks for inspiration, collect real life trains and build your train museum. Find out about them. Enjoy many events throughout the year, including spring, Halloween and Christmas events, each featuring unique train hits, seasonal contract partners and themed locomotives, buildings and decorations.

Please pay attention! TrainStation is an online free train simulation game that requires a network connection to download and play. Some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not wish to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings.


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