Today is the last day of Free Fire MAX’s Hyperbook Top-Up event, here are some ‘special’ rewards


Gamers playing Free Fire MAX are always looking forward to some new event as they have a chance to get tons of cool gaming items as rewards for free. Let us tell you about an event which started a few days ago and today is its last day. In such a situation, if you have not yet been able to take advantage of this Free Fire Max event, then today you have one last chance.

Top-up events are the best way to get Free Fire Max ‘s in-game items for free. For this, gamers have to buy some diamonds, but those diamonds are of no use. Gamers just have to store it in their in-game account. At the same time, there are some events in which there is no need to buy diamonds. Let us tell you about the Hyperbook Top-Up event, whose last day is today.

Getting special rewards on the last day of the event

The Hyperbook Top-Up event was launched on 18 June 2022 on the Indian servers of Free Fire Max . This event will run till 23rd June i.e. tonight. Gamers can get tons of free items through this top-up event, including tons of legendary rewards, multiple glue walls, gun skins, and emotes.

How to Benefit from the Hyperbook Top-Up Event

Step 1: For this, first open Free Fire Max, go to the top-up section and click on the Diamond option at the top.

Step 2: After that gamers will have to buy 100 diamonds for this event.

Step 3: After the purchase is over, gamers can click on the Calendar option and go to the Events tab.

Step 4: After that players have to click on the Hyperbook Top-Up section and click on the Claim button.

what to do next

However, the process does not just end here. After doing this, gamers have to select the aesthetics of each page of the Rampage Hyperbook. To get the rewards, gamers need to purchase the Rampage Hyberbook Token crate from the store. After doing this much work, gamers will get reward.

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