timr Apk- time tracking with time recorder and GPS


timr Apk, timr Apk- time tracking with time recorder and GPS

The timr time following application is a finished answer for recording working time, venture time and excursions for work and mileage. Record your working and undertaking hours correctly (additionally disconnected), get a review of your representatives and bill your clients quicker.

⏱️Employee time following features⏱️

  • Employee time clock with straightforward beginning/stop work (likewise disconnected)
  • Records any sort of working time (office, excursion for work, and so on.)
  • Provides representatives’ computerized timesheets at the dash of a catch – giving you steady


  • Mobile time following GPS position discovery when beginning and halting
  • Tracks nonattendances and leave (excursion, wiped out leave, unlucky deficiencies and comp time)
  • Vacation account with current excursion privilege
  • Automatically factors in broad daylight occasions on timesheets
  • Automatic breaks and updates
  • Records notes for singular workdays

📅Time following highlights for venture time📅

  • Fast portable account of request and venture times with start/stop work
  • Freely perceptible venture structure for your task time following for any number of

clients, ventures, orders, assignments, and so on.

  • Mobile time following GPS area when beginning and halting can be utilized as confirmation

for clients and for interior control

  • Live review of all venture hours, representatives and financial plans in the focal Cloud

application (timr.com)

  • Full spending control: make financial plans and hourly rates, focus to-genuine examinations (in

continuous) and programmed email cautions if financial plan is surpassed

  • Simple organization, investigation and charging in the Web application

🚗Mileage log functionality🚗

  • Electronic mileage log with no unwieldy Excel spreadsheets – meets charge office


  • Use GPS to consequently enter the beginning/goal address
  • Your movement log information is continually synchronized with the Cloud application (timr.com)

furthermore, is naturally sponsored up there

  • Fleet capacity: travel log for all organization vehicles under one rooftop
  • All recorded outings accessible 24×7 on cell phone and on the Web – you keep your movement

costs leveled out.

🔒Data security is significant (GDPR compliant)🔒

Server situated in Germany

Encoded transmission

Programmed reinforcement

Hourly and day by day reinforcement

If it’s not too much trouble NOTE: After downloading the application, you’ll have to pursue boundless 30-day preliminary access.

During the time for testing, you can decide on a Free or Premium (month to month charge) account, in any case the time for testing closes consequently.

* NO Visa required to sign up*


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