Timecard GPS Apk


Timecard GPS Apk, Timecard GPS Apk

With regards to overseeing field laborers and versatile workers, this undertaking can be overwhelming now and again. Various occupation areas, occasional representatives, archiving billable hours, recording breaks are on the whole obligations of the business. How is an organization to deal with their workforce effectively and beneficially without hindering advancement of the laborers as well as the current venture?

Timecard GPS is a portable time and participation and GPS Tracking application that chips away at Standard Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets.

Field Workers can log the accompanying information from a cell phone:

• Time

• Attendance

• Jobs

• Tasks

• Sub-assignments

• Cost codes

• Breaks

• Lunch period

• Custom fields (climate conditions, anybody hurt on work?, and so on.)

• Supervisor – Team Clock in/out

~ Multiple Photographs and Electronic Signature catch accessible per work

The executives can see the area of representatives on Google maps from Econz online programming and constant occupation data, for example,

• GPS following data

• Bread morsel trails

• Speed triggers

• Mileage

• Idle time

• GPS keen fence innovation

• Over 20 reports

• Time and participation

• Job progress

• Hours worked

Organizations that utilization Econz Timecard advantage in the accompanying manners:

• Increased specialist profitability

• Decrease in time-robbery by organization representatives

• Manage their workforce all the more proficiently

• Increase benefits

• Savings on regular costs, for example, fuel, additional time and organization

• Helps record Federal and State wage-hour laws

• Streamline time and participation

Timecard GPS offers in excess of 20 custom reports and Econz stores all information for a multi month term, including GPS following data. Chiefs can sign in/out different specialists on one gadget at no extra expense. This likewise incorporates reports upgrades that take into consideration show of “at address” of photos and electronic marks caught with the application.

Econz Wireless offers a web-client sign in capacity for inner specialists, giving Econz Wireless clients a total time and participation framework.

Econz Wireless items likewise incorporate into more than 100 bookkeeping and finance bundles, for example,

• ADP Payroll

• Kronos

• Paychex

• Sage MasterBuilder

• Sage Timberline

• Foundation

• Viewpoint

• QuickBooks

• Over 100 additional bundles…

Econz Wireless can likewise do custom forms explicit to your Company needs. It would be ideal if you contact our workplaces to talk about further. On the off chance that you might want to see our Public SOAP API’s please click the connection.

Econz Timecard is perfect for little associations of 5 representatives or endeavor gatherings of thousands of laborers .With a multi day unconditional promise, begin with Econz Timecard and smooth out your organization’s time and participation needs!

*Note: To empower Timecard to work with your gadget, your organization must have a Timecard association designed and arrangement preceding downloading the application. If it’s not too much trouble contact Econz Wireless at [email protected]

Econz Wireless( est. 1971) – is a Leader in Mobile Data Collection, giving boss answers for Time and Attendance,


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