Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth


, Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth
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The Monster Shooter: Lost Levels’s formula for success was straightforward. It was a shoot-’em-up that perfectly captured the crucial “shot” and “em” elements.

It provided your clumsy hero with a variety of wildly destructive and inventive weapons before launching hundreds of similarly varied time shooter 2 and expertly crafted foes in your direction.

You get even more “shot” and “em” for your money in Monster Shooter 2. But is that sufficient?

Quick response
Yes. Yes, it’s sufficient. You really don’t need to tear everything apart and start from scratch when the twin-stick shooter action is carried out with time shooter 2 such clear love and devotion.

Moreover, Monster Shooter 2’s creative art design continues to highlight the level of originality. This beautiful cartoon-violent universe is full of bloody splats and elaborate constructions that barely last for a few fleeting seconds before blowing apart.

You have to pay close attention to spot the small animations and peculiarities of your enemies since they come at you quickly. Is that a two-legged orca approaching you? Oh well, it’s already dead. Look! It’s a strange extraterrestrial snail that time shooter 2 stuns itself when it runs into a wall, revealing its frail belly, which is, uh, dead.

trigger-happy finger
Just enough finesse is present in the controls to contain such hysterical activity. That is to say, while we have played twin-stick shooters with tighter controls, Monster Shooter 2’s controls are more than enough.

The fact that the game is set to auto-aiming by default may be indication that the right-hand virtual analogue stick lacks precision. It’s sufficient to state time shooter 2 that, aside from the most casual of gamers, this is a bit of a waste of time and should be disabled right now.

Although it takes a moment to look down to engage the peripheral controls for throwing grenades and switching weapons (which has a pleasing clunk-click to it), this isn’t a game that frequently calls for such elaboration.

Everything revolves around shooting, gathering, and shooting items.

benefits of working
A fun temporary perk system is in use here, time shooter 2 much like in the original game. You’ll get access to a variety of random improvements for the remainder of the round once your rage bar is full.

A larger health bar, quicker reload times, or something less helpful like more blood effects might all be possible. There is even a perk called Russian Roulette that, depending on the outcome of a coin flip, will either end the level or you.

Joining this system gives you access to a permanent rewards system time shooter 2 where you can permanently strengthen your character. Naturally, this calls for a significant investment from the two game currencies, which may either be acquired through in-game rewards or paid for with real money.

the cost of war
Yes, Monster Shooter 2 is based on in-app purchases (along with the occasional advertisement), but it’s one of the least offensive examples of this type of system. Everything in the game can be acquired through gameplay, time shooter 2 although purchasing upgrades and stuff that cost gold will take a little longer.

Because you haven’t made any purchases, you are rarely delayed. There are other small things you can do (such liking on social networks or viewing advertisements) to earn a little more of each money. It is possible to run out of “fuel” to enter a level, which looks like an unneeded third currency. However, this does recharge gradually over time.

A new buddy system makes it possible for you to occasionally time shooter 2 insert a friend’s character into the action, which is a welcome extra and an effective approach to complete more difficult stages. However, it still doesn’t change the reality that this is a really monotonous game with very basic pleasures.

Shooting ’em up continues to be Monster Shooter 2’s major focus, and it excels at it.

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