Tickertape – Indian stocks analysis & forecasts Apk


Tickertape is a cutting edge stock investigation stage that is intended for keeping you at the focal point of the procedure. It centers around striking metric investigation with useful assets and powerful environment bolster that can be an impetus to improve your insight about the market and their cooperation in the equivalent.

What’s inside


India’s most preferred stock screening device.

130 channels for you to examine any Indian stocks

Apply a lot of channels (alongside their worth extents) to dissect a gathering of stocks together

Make your own custom channels relying upon what you need to break down.


Market assumption marker trusted by a huge number of financial specialists to accurately time their exchanges

MMI utilizes 6 significant elements to give a wistful preview of the market: FII Activity, Volatility and Skew, Momentum, Market Breadth, Price Strength and Demand for Gold.

4 zones in the MMI for you to know the present market conclusion – Extreme dread, Fear, Greed, Extreme voracity

MMI is demonstrated twice on ET Now every exchanging day during opening ringer and early afternoon.


A spot for every far reaching insight concerning your stocks.

Venture agenda will help you in checking whether the stock is meeting the fundamental necessity for speculations or not.

Estimates show the examiners’ evaluations – what percent of investigators who spread the stock suggest purchasing the stock

Income, Price and EPS estimates show the high, medium and low degrees of various figures by experts.

The pay explanation, Balance sheet and Cash Flow Statement are cumulated in financials in a simple view to comprehension.

Friend correlations, news and occasions are available so that will help in your speculation choices.


Spot for clients new to the market to begin on the essentials of securities exchange contributing.

Articles are gathered into modules: Elementary Economics, Stock Market Investing, Investing in portfolios and Evaluating stocks with different parts and articles in each module

Specialist Connect

You can sign in and interface your intermediary record to the Tickertape account.

In-application specialists:


Alice Blue

Pivot Direct

HDFC Securities

IIFL Securities

Kotak Securities



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