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Climb up as Thor the Viking God of Thunder and get ready for an epic adventure in this Norse-themed action clicker!

After Ragnarok’s dust settles, Loki of God declares eternal war against Mischief Asgard! Playing the role of Hemdall’s crystal crew, he defeated the cruel monsters and evil angels out of nine demons. Loki’s vicious forces are now at Asgard Gate, and Tapanrock is almost dependent on us.

O Valiant Thor, son of Odin, king of Asgard, true ruler of the nine worlds – heard our call! Defend your home from this demonic attack with the help of Valkyrie!


Hit the weak spot of the enemy to deal catastrophic damage!

Activate 10 terrible skills to uncover Thor’s explosives!

Hire 20 loyal friends and prepare them with special weapons!

Collect 37 spiritual relics to plunder unlimited power!

I will kill terrible enemies like Loki the Triester God!

By calling All-Father Odin to fight on your behalf!

Engaged in the myth and power of Th Thor, the Viking warriors, Valkyrie and Al-Father, they fight countless monsters with the help of Odin.

The fate of Ard Asgard is in your hands, hero. Stay away from that ol mjolnir, tighten your jackstrap and protect the places at all costs! Because!

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