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themes hd 3d, Themes hd 3d No 1 Best App


Themes hd 3d Pixel 4D – Live Screen Project!
300+ Cool 3D Live Wallpapers and Animated Lock Screen Backgrounds are waiting to make your phone look the same!
Decorate your home screen and lock screen with a different live wallpaper at the same time! 1 for your home screen, 1 for your lock screen!

4D pixels can hold 2 different live wallpapers for lock screen and home screen without any change of lock. No custom lock screen is required to change your default lock screen! Themes hd 3d

In order to work in double mode, it is important to support live wallpaper for your device lock screen and home screen. If your device only supports home screen live wallpaper, you can use it as any other live wallpaper.

This is a completely new way to create 3D live wallpapers with real 4d depth effects! Themes hd 3d

Forget the bad quality wallpapers that drain your battery, and come to a new magical world of awesome 4D AMOLED cool animated 3D backgrounds!
And all those batteries use a minimum of 2%

Note: Use any AMOLED live wallpaper to save more battery!
Note: Not all moving wallpapers are AMOLED. Themes hd 3d

Choose and apply live wallpapers, and tilt your device to see the amazing 4D depth effects controlled by the motion sensor (gyroscope or accelerometer) of your device.

With the new 3D background – HD wallpapers that are submitted almost every week, we have a collection of always cool cool animated wallpapers that you can choose from! Themes hd 3d

Choose from a variety of categories such as Anime 4D Wallpapers, Thanos and Black Panther Superhit 3D Wallpapers, Space Wallpapers and Planet Backgrounds, Themes for Girls, Nature Scenes, Super Cars, Abstract 3D Backgrounds 4K, Art 4K, Ga – 4K Live Wallpapers – 3D Parallax Backgrounds hd (many of them free).

Replace your lock screen and home screen with the best wallpaper that matches your style, add the best live wallpaper of your choice in one click, use our search engine to find what you want. Phone Unique with this amazing 4D deep effect!

Make the effect more personal by reducing usage to 1%, adjusting power and setting battery saving mode. Themes hd 3d

Space wallpapers, black wallpapers, anime 3D wallpapers and more, 250+ cool 4d backgrounds are waiting to beautify your screen.
You will never get bored of your home and lock screen! Ored

Features Features:
Lock for lock screen and home screen
Supports aspects for all aspects including Ultra Wide
होल 3D Hologram – Animated Background
Many different categories (superhit and more from space wallpaper)
Efficient battery efficient!
Live new wallpapers are constantly being added!
Dead Embedded Search Engine!
Isabelle is completely customizable!
Wallpapers 4D Wallpapers HD AMOLED!
✅ Ga ark – black 3D wallpaper!
✅ Space 4D Parallax Wallpapers!
✅ anime hd wallpaper!
Coolest 4D Live Wallpapers – Animated Backgrounds App!

Many 4D Parallax wallpapers are completely free and some other premium

Please support us by unlocking the premium version You only have to pay once to use all the features – there is no hidden cost. With the premium version, you will have access to all 4D wallpapers for life with all the upcoming 3D backgrounds!

Note: If your screen is using AMOLED, AMOLED 3D wallpapers, or any black wallpapers, the battery usage is 0.5. Measured less than %%!

Each live wallpaper has been designed and auto-adjusted to fit any aspect ratio, including ultra-wide screens, and tested with Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei and other popular devices.

One of the best 4d animated wallpapers – 3d background app .. because 3d wallpaper is good .. but 4d is awesome! D

Get the most beautiful 4D / HD live wallpapers – 3D floating backgrounds now !!
Includes many free items.


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