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The impossible game apk A new game from the developers, this time its impossible track car stunt You have complete control of your vehicle while driving on the road The road is not just the road, there are many turns and turns The stunts are getting harder and more fun, the periods are especially determined. If you want to play parts that you can’t complete with 3 stars, you can explain your score and play with it. Remember! At the level, if you complete with 3 stars, you will usually win 2 times more prizes than winning. With the prize money you win, you can buy a new car, customize your car. Drive large SUVs, extreme sports cars and luxury sedans Completely impossible track stunt challenge on the most dangerous road

How to play The impossible game apk

  • Please choose the most appropriate method to control the car You can choose the best type of driving for you or adjust your device censorship in the settings section. Don’t forget to adjust the steering sensitivity if you have trouble controlling the steering.
  • If your car can’t overcome the obstacles or it doesn’t happen soon enough, try buying an upgrade. If the update is not enough, you have to buy a new car
  • If you run out of money, you can earn money by tapping on the “Watch Video, Win Coins” button or by re-adding the steps you already played.
  • Try to develop different methods when trying to remove obstacles, as cars run according to the laws of physics. Don’t expect different results by trying the same method over and over again

Features Features: The impossible game apk

  • An environment where the laws of physics are fully implemented! Get a car wherever you want to go and do what you want to do
  • Different models of 30+ cars, which have different technical components and hardware specifications from each other.
  • Special car added
  • Day and night mode
  • Change some specifications of cars such as handles, motors and brakes,
  • The possibility of changing the color, rim and shape of the cars
  • High quality and ever-changing environmental model
  • Yogi episode which is not boring
  • Various tasks that come with different episodes
  • New tracks every 10 days

Challenge your friends for impossible tracks

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