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the hindu apk, The hindu apk No 1 Best App


The hindu apk The Hindu English News App brings you reliable and in-depth journalism of the National English Newspaper of India as a rich digital experience.

Provides our application. The hindu apk
• Summarize times a day: All the latest updates and news developments three times a day 8AM, 2PM and 8PM Read briefly to learn about today’s news

• Ad-free experience: Subscribe to our app for a better reading experience without any hassle.
• You can trust news: Fact-checking, justice and truthful reporting There is no disruption or propaganda

Key features include: The hindu apk

. Personalize the home screen at will
Save articles and read later
Related to comments
You are offline: Helps to read news even if you are slow or not in the Internet zone.
Al aloud: Use aloud to read the news
. Night Mode – Easy to read in the dark

You can stay up-to-date with news headlines and trends by just swiping left or right, our new navigation makes it easier for you to go from article to article.

News Quotes: Our app only features a summary of all the important articles of the day. Just read the excerpt or click to read the article The news on the coats will keep you updated on major events in India and the world. The hindu apk

Top Selection: We bring top news to you from different categories Want to learn more? What’s the news in the series? Our top pictures will help you to read the most informative, mind-blowing news items.

Editorial and Opinion: Our editorial and opinion columns are legendary and we try to maintain the quality of journalism by bringing unbiased opinions. Two new editors every day and a rich collection for your use, available at your fingertips. These columns are rich in various topics, we are leading, no disruption or reserved decisions.

Cartoon Section: The famous cartoon column of “Hindu” is now in digital format. Irkutsk, satire, depth and sensitive sketch These are cartoons that are not only funny, but also thought provoking, it is our happiest area, and a social commentary that discusses many thoughts.

Hindu Explanation: Read our special “Explanatory” column to find out about the latest developments and why many theories are behind scientific discoveries, successes and political development. These columns provide a deep understanding of the landmarks and notable events of India and around the world.
Multimedia: A rich visual experience that is interactive See full-screen visual content for a rich experience
Podcast: Listen to podcasts using your Android device We stream our podcasts on major platforms

News Department
Latest India English News: Covers all the top news at the national level which includes stories about the Central Government, the State Government, the Economic Police, the Narendra Modi, the state election results, the world elections.

World News: From India-Pakistan relations to Donald Trump, we cover all the latest news in the world.

Welfare: Physical and mental well-being are valued along with epidemics around the world. Our Welfare Department includes Mental Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Affordable Housing, Children’s Health and Separate News.

Covid-19: This section contains all the news, articles and researchers on integrated development vaccines in one place. Recovery rate, barriers, warnings, information about care centers, helpline numbers, guidelines, care post COVID.

Cinema News: We see all the latest movie news, how the entertainment industry pre-emptes and posts COVID, what new shows we get on the OTT platform. Review of films released online

Sports: Follow your favorite games, live updates and news in IPL, EPL, tennis, etc.

Tech News: New cool gadgets, releases and updates on what’s new in the gadget and tech world.


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