The amazing spider man game android No 1 Best App


the amazing spider man game android, The amazing spider man game android No 1 Best App


The amazing spider man game android Explore to create a wonderful Spider-Man ™ for your Sony Xperia ™ Tablet S with this cool app! Enjoy as a stand-alone app or sync your Blue-Ray ™ with the amazing Spider-Man for a full second screen experience.

Browse your production notes and uncover the secrets behind the development, production and completion of the wonderful Spider-Man. When you sync the app for Movie Blue-Ray ™, your tablet will be an interactive movie timeline that will feature live-specific cast and crew interviews, special effects tests, footsteps, trivia, and more. The amazing spider man game android

This fully immersive app includes unique, interactive content after hours:

• Interviews with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, director Mark Web, Spiderman co-creator Stan Lee and other cast and crew. The amazing spider man game android

Idea art for Spider-Man suit, The Leather, Spider’s web shooter and more.
• “Previous” video – The initial CG animated version of the film’s action sequence.
Original storyboard.

Andrew Garfield and Stunt team complete the steps that prevent Speedy’s death.
• Props, makeup tests, clothing, and more
• 360 ° interactive model of Oscar Tower and ETP.
• “Filmmaker Facts” – Funny and interesting mistakes about filmmaking.


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