TFT 11.5 patch notes – What to expect from TeamFight Tactics’ latest update


If you look at the most recent TFT patch notes, you’ll see that Trap Claw has finally been improved to finally defeat Aurelion Sol. We’ve all been waiting impatiently for a way to deal with Mage Aurelion Sol, and guess what? It has finally come to this!

But this patch offers more than that. Vanguards have seen a significant nerf that has significantly reduced their tankiness. Sejuani and Aatrox, a wombo combo I used to play frequently with 8 Vanguards, are now gone. Oh, if you’re unaware of their strength, you’ve undoubtedly been missing out on some wildly entertaining but flawed gameplay.

The Teamfight Tactics 11.5 patch notes are examined below, and they are broken down so that you can learn about all the changes that have been made to the game. Of course, the unit ranks on our TFT tier list have also been impacted tft patch notes.

Debuffs can no longer stack.
Despite the nerfs to Vanguards, the debuff mechanism has been improved, making it such that similar debuffs can no longer stack. Only the strongest effects of a kind will take effect if there are several effects of that type.
Ionic Spark and Statikk Shiv both lower the target’s Magic Resistance, as an illustration. After the patch, you can only use the strongest effect, Statikk Shiv, on the target instead of both.

The following is the justification for why this is taking place:

“This stops strange champion/item combinations from giving foes a 100% reduction in Armor, Attack Speed, etc. Additionally, this modification enables players to comprehend debuffs at the same, rather quick rate as our game. Last but not least, it establishes a common debuff system that we may use as a guide in the future, enabling more distinctive champion kits for set 5 spoiler redacted.”

(I’m now quite excited about the upcoming TFT Set 5 tft patch notes)

, TFT 11.5 patch notes – What to expect from TeamFight Tactics’ latest update
tft patch notes

In patch notes 11.5, chosen odds have modified once more.
As soon as they reached level 7, players could attack 4-cost Chosen units in the previous TFT patch. Since that was never the intended outcome, we’re seeing this almost return to how it was before to the earlier patch:
Level 7 Roll Odds: 0/40/55/5/0% and 0/40/58/2/0%, respectively.

Trait Changes Keepers Keeper Shield Amount: 150/200/275 150/200/250 according to TFT patch notes for version 11.5

To be totally honest, not much can be said about this. There are other, more desirable traits, thus few players choose the Keeper trait by the end of the game. I don’t think the 6-unit Keeper will experience any significant changes as a result of this nerf.

Vanguards: 100/250/500/1000 100/250/500/800
Magic Resistance for Vanguard: 20/40/70/100 10/25/50/80

The TFT 11.5 patch notes state that while Vanguards have historically been among the strongest, most resilient early game units for reducing Magic Damage, this is set to change. Major adjustments have been made to Vanguards’ Magic Resist at all stages, as well as minor Armor nerfs at 8-Vanguards tft patch notes.

I’m not really sure what will happen in terms of how this will play out in the game. The removal of debuff stacking might either have little effect or have a large effect on Vanguards. We’ll have to put it to the test, I think. I’m coming, Aatrox!

, TFT 11.5 patch notes – What to expect from TeamFight Tactics’ latest update
tft patch notes

Notes for TFT Patch 11.5, “Champions,”
Shield of Diana’s Pale Cascade: 175/250/350 200/300/450

We are unable to restore Diana’s viability following the elimination of the Lunar trait. She might finally get some playtime again with the shield quantity buff being applied to all three stages, which is quite a bit.

Damage to the nasal cavity: 350/550/750 350/550/850

Nasus can be made into a 3* very easily, but he doesn’t actually deal as much damage as we would like. He might finally be able to work with other Divine or Syphoners in the late game with a boost to his damage at 3*.

Nidalee Mana scored 0/70 to 0/60.

More spears will be fired by Nidalee. Will that ruin the game? Most likely not. Warlords are still effective, and whether you use Nidalee or not, a few more spears won’t harm anyone except the opposition tft patch notes .

Attack Damage Ratio for Yasuo’s Steel Slash: 180/185/190% 190/200/210%

Yasuo has been one of the top 1-cost unit carries throughout the early and midgame, and with a damage bump to his AD Ratio, he will only get better.

Shield amount for Janna’s Eye of the Storm: 250/300/400 250/275/350

Even while Janna’s shield has always been excellent, the modest nerfs at 2* and 3* may make her less useful later in the game.

75/140 80/150 Lulu Mana

One of my all-time favourite units is Lulu, especially if you play her in a TFT competition for the Mage team. We all know about the Lulu-Annie wombo combination that cost you the game in the end. We’ll undoubtedly see a lot more Elderwood, Mage, and Xayah/Rakan combos now that Lulu’s mana has been tft patch notes reduced!

, TFT 11.5 patch notes – What to expect from TeamFight Tactics’ latest update
tft patch notes

Damage from an Akali Five-Point Strike is 175/250/400 to 200/275/450.

Although Akali has been a very reliable damage dealer, she sometimes lags behind because so many other units have received upgrades in recent versions. She will not only be a terrific addition at 1* but also all the way through to 3* with this significant damage upgrade to her kit. After the most recent patch, I fully anticipate seeing a lot more Assassin and Ninja selections!

Attack Damage from Sivir’s Hunting Bonus: 100/200/400 100/200/350

Sivir is one of those troops whose potential isn’t fully realised until you give her 2-3 things and upgrade her to at least a 2. In the late game, she may utterly destroy opponents using Sharpshooters and her expertise. She has received a significant nerf at 3, so she should be more resilient now.

Damage done by Veigar Dark Blossom: 450/600/900 500/650/1000 tft patch notes

Oh, Veigar, Veigar. He is without a doubt one of my favourite mages in the game, and I’m not only referring about TFT. He was one of the bullies in TFT during the first season, 1-shooting everyone who had a lower star rating than him. Since then, he has fallen behind somewhat, but with these adjustments to his damage across the board, he will undoubtedly be a top selection more frequently!

Sol Aurelion
His second cast won’t be instantaneous when the Mage trait is active; instead, it will happen 0.1 seconds later.

Everyone, the long-awaited ASol nerfs have here at last! Even though it won’t matter much, this tiny delay will give the opponent’s trap claw time to activate if they have one.

No longer does she lower the Magic Resist.

She won’t shred the MR of the adversary any longer, plain and easy!

Firecracker Sejuani Stun Time: 2/2.5/8 2.5/3/6 2.5 seconds

Sejuani will be the go-to unit for the late game with a little nerf at 1* and 2* but a significant buff at 3*. The entire opposition team will essentially be rendered ineffective for the duration of that 8-second stun, which is about the entire round.

Samira’s Inferno Trigger inflicts the following base physical damage along with a portion of her attack damage: tft patch notes

  • Damage: 15/25/40 0/0/0
  • Attack Damage Percent Scaling: 30/40/60% vs. 50/60/80%

Samira has not always been one of my top choices for 5-cost units, but this seems to be a really solid damage bump for the late game.

One Forgotten Mana, Yone Cost: 20 ⇒ 10

Put simply? More ults, please!

Notes for Patch 11.5: Item Changes
Deathblade’s initial stacks are 4 and 3. (slightly nerfed)
Damage from Statikk Shiv: 60 to 65 (buffed)
The projectile from Trap Claw moves faster (Aurelion Sol-nerfing-fast)
That is all we have to say about the most recent TFT patch notes! Do you desire more TFT news and guides? Then be sure to visit our centre on Teamfight Tactics!

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