Best TFT comps – Meta teams in Teamfight Tactics!


In this post, we will take a look at the new TFT competitions, as well as the most effective manner to play them based on the information that we have collected up to this point. You are aware that it is time for new champions, new qualities, and new mechanics, so prepare yourself. Does the name come to mind? That’s right, the long-awaited update for tft comps Festival of Beasts has at long last arrived.

tft comps, Best TFT comps – Meta teams in Teamfight Tactics!
tft comps

As was the case with all of the previous TFT sets (or rather, set modifications), a number of units were eliminated to make room for new ones, and the remaining ones took a brief rest during this process (a.k.a. they were removed). The newly introduced units come with intriguing abilities, while some of the older ones that have been preserved have undergone minor skill adjustments (Morgana, for example). Because of all of these modifications, new playstyles, new meta-compositions, and a completely new method to play the game in style have emerged as a result (especially while using the new TFT microtransactions).

Now, without further ado, let’s have a look at the most impressive tft comps competitions from Set 5: Reckoning!

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