Best TFT comps – Meta teams in Teamfight Tactics!


, Best TFT comps – Meta teams in Teamfight Tactics!
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The new TFT comps will be discussed in this article, along with the most effective strategy for playing them given on the information we have thus far. You are aware that new champions, attributes, and mechanics are about to be introduced. Does it sound familiar? Yes, the latest TFT Festival of Beasts update is now available.

Like in all prior TFT sets (or rather, set changes), a number of units were withdrawn to make room for new ones, and they took a brief break in between (a.k.a. they were removed). While some earlier troops that have remained have experienced tft comp minor skill modifications, the new units have interesting talents (Morgana, for example). New playstyles, new metacomps, and a completely new way to play the game in style result from all of those modifications (especially while using the new TFT microtransactions).

Let’s check out the best TFT comps Set 5: Reckoning now without further ado!

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